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Sneaky causes of acne no one’s telling you about.

You’re taking steroids
Acne is one of the most common side effects of abusing steroids. Breakouts related to the intake of this artificial hormone typically happens in the back, face and shoulder. When you take too much steroids, it tricks your body into believing it has more male hormones than it actually does. The “excess’ male hormones trigger more sebum production.

Also if you are drinking after workout protein shakes, which i love. Your acne may come from this. I really love my coconut white chocolate or berries shake, but if you sufer from acne, watch out.

Apart from the medications mentioned above, there are tons of prescription medications that can also cause acne. The list includes antituberculosis drugs, halogens and anti-epileptics.
Technically, medications that can affect the immune system and stimulate insulin have the potential to trigger skin breakouts.

You’ve just started your acne medications
Usually, before acne gets better, it gets worse first.
There are acne medications that stimulate skin cell turnover to unclog pores and remove acne-causing bacteria. As the process takes place, inflammation is brought up and flare up happens.

You’re on birth control pills
Birth control pills, specifically those that contain progestin, are likely to cause acne because they are considered androgenic. They can stimulate increased sebum production which can cause bacteria to increase in number.

You’re using to cheap cosmetics
Cheap makeup products come at a ridiculously low price for a reason. They aren’t made from high-quality and safe ingredients and they’re not produced in a sterile environment. Some of them can even contain banned ingredients.
Because of how poorly they are made, fake cosmetics don’t only put you at risk of skin breakouts, they can also cause chemical burns, dermatitis and eye infection.

You’re not cleaning your makeup sponges and brushes
Makeup tools can harbor loads of bad bacteria and they can pick up dead skin cells. If they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, there’s no chance for you to get clearer skin.
Ideally, you should clean your makeup brushes once a week, at minimum. They should be kept in an area where there’s free air flowing so bacteria won’t grow in them.