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Sandra Lindner for ClassiCon

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Windproof Inverted Umbrella
C-Shape Handle & Self-Stand to Spare Hands, Inside-Out Fold to Keep Cars & Drivers Dry

Self-Stand: When umbrella is folded, it is possible to directly stand it on the floor, ideal for passengers on the subway or a bus. Besides, when folded, the inside layer will be kept outside, in order not to get clothes wet.
★ C-Shape Handle: Unlike the traditional ones, this kind of umbrellas use a C-shaped handle. User can get his/her wrist through it so as to spare one hand, which is quite difficult with a traditional umbrella. For example, user can text on a cellphone or hold a baby meanwhile using this C-shape handle.
★ Inside-Out Fold: This kind of umbrellas open in an inverted/reverse direction, which means the inside layer will become the outside layer after opening. Thus, people who get in/off a car do not get wet easily in a rainy day. The car seats are kept dry as well.