Belgian industrial designer Quentin de Coster has designed NOSE, a prototype for a minimalist candle holder, where the candle is held in place on the nose of the abstract profile.

Kreafunk KFHE-WHI aHead Bluetooth® on-ear headphones heart

Kreafunk – toCharge Powerbank / Charger

Stealth bike: B-9 NH by BME Design, a bike for Batman

Could this bike be any blacker? Architects in particular are said to have a weakness for the darkest colour: in this limited edition, a matte-black bike is now on the market. It is sure to draw curious looks, which may be the only way it is perceived in the dark.

The single-speed bicycle, designed by the Slovak bike specialists BME Design, is called the B-9 Black Edition. Inspired by the F-177 Nighthawk, also known as the stealth bomber, this bike can hardly be detected on radar (you never know when you might need this). It is a further development in the BMW X-9 concept. The frame, handlebars and fork are made of carbon; other components consist of BME’s unique S72 carbon saddle system and CNC-milled aluminium parts.

BME is an R & D company located in Bratislava. It tests new technologies and innovative materials in all areas. All its bicycles are designed by studio founder Braňo Mereš.


The Monowheel electric unicycle – What is that and for what is that?

The electric unicycle is the only motorized transportation with a patented gyro-stabilized wheel. He is the lightest (just 9,5 kg) and most compact vehicle in the world. The electric unicycle can be transported and stored everywhere.

Furthermore the electric unicycle offers you a very convenient and fun way of rapid locomotion, with the feeling “to slide on the floor.”

For example, like the feeling to be transported of the Hoverboard, in the movie “Back to the Future”.

Elektro Einrad – Usability?

With the flexibility, agility and the small size, the electric unicycle is the only vehicle that actually meet the expectations of citizens corresponds to travel around.

The electric unicycle is perfect for distances between 1 and 15 km, this is the distance of 85% of all trips in big cities. We talk about micro-mobility. No other automotive vehicle is provided for these routes. Today we can find only the manually controlled, dangerous vehicles: scooter, skateboards and kick scooter.

It is also much better with its light weight, comfort and safety, than the electric skateboards or electric kick scooter.

The electric unicycle meets all criteria one places on a vehicle. Security, easiness, convenience, small size, agility, flexibility and a lot of fun.

And now Maybach among monowheels – F528
LCD percente battery indication; Double mode:Comfort / Sport.  Advanced design. Super slip footrest, broadened feet and nonslip 16″ Tire comfort wheel LED front / brake light. Firewheel uses the solution of Solowheel to create a luxury driving experience and the same as last.