For you

It is exactly one year since our beloved tomcat left us. It is exactly 6 months since we found little troublemaker in the garbage container.
Exactly one year ago.
She was not planned. Because my old cat seemed to decide to be better alone – two attempts to organize her company failed. In my town I never ever saw a feral cat. We have good animal shelters and people generally love animals.
And then one evening we found a cat in our garbage container?! Not a baby, but at least 8 weeks old, ill, malnourished baby cat.
Maybe I am searching some sense where there is none, but on the very same day we found her we also got our tom cat 7 and a half years ago. And she is all that what he was.
Our friends usually need just 10-15 minutes observing before they all state the same – how she walks, plays, cuddles, talks, purrs, what she loves to snack, everything that is – he.
From all the toys we poses and that are many, she adores the most exactly the same toy he loved – ball running in a plastic tunnel. Older cat never ever even touched it.
Little Lina is even very big and long for a female cat. She sleeps exactly where he always slept. From like 117 places in our home where she could sleep. First days when she moved in I cryed every day from just observing her. She would then come to me like he did and lick my tears. Until now no other cat except he has done this ever to me.
He adored my mom. And when she visited for the first time after we got Lina – Lina was awaiting for my mom on the windowsill for like an hour. Exited talking and wondering when she will finally come!
And when the mom came in the cat – seeing her for the very first time in her life – jumped in her arms. We were speechless.
Big love since then.
Taking showers with me most of the days. Not a complete shower, but sitting in a bath tube in some water and playing with a foam. He did it too.
Never sleeping under the cover, because too hot for her. The old lady cat sometimes sleeps like that for 20 hours. Or she would wait with poo poo until I come home from work. Then and then right away she would use the toilet and demand that I clean it that very second.
She is doing this since she came to us. It is probably not healthy for such a small cat to keep it the whole day until I come home, but she is doing it. Needless to say, he did it like this from the day one.
Maybe because she is so like him the old lady cat – adores her. Although she hated our first too attempts to get her feral company.
First weeks I felt like I am betraying him with our new baby. But maybe this is his way telling us we should move on. Maybe he would like the fact that we gave another homeless cat a home, like 8 years ago to him too.

My beloved tom cat you are still loved, missed and adored.
You always will be.
Sleep tight my dearest.
I brought you today your favorite flowers and kept one flower for little troublemaker.. She adores it too.