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Study lamp , Zuiver

Suck UK Book Rest Lamp

Table Lamp by glühwerk vintage
From time to time, city living needs a touch of yesteryear. Drawing on the German capital’s seemingly inexhaustible creative energy and industrial style, glühwerk berlin’s vintage collection comprises lighting with a retro aesthetic.


Cat Doorstop heart by 157 + 173 designers
The Greek label uses its Thessaloniki studio as a lab for creative experimentation, something immediately evident in 157 + 173’s homewares. Clever, cute, and functional, the Cat Doorstop adds a charming accent to your space—ready for living rooms and creative spaces alike.

Concrete Lamp 157 + 173 designers

Twister Classic Lamp by twister LIGHTING
Choosing a ceiling light is harder than you’d think—and that’s before you get to the installation. Relax: German label twister LIGHTING has you covered. The ingenious Twister Lamp connects simply and easily to any ceiling wire, mounting and adjusting in seconds without the need for tools. Mount, twist, light, easy as that. Say goodbye to the trauma of setting up your lights forever.

Pear Pendant Set heart by Willam & Watson
Shining with the charms of a bygone era, British label William & Watson’s lighting is a unique accent for demanding interiors. Comprised of an iron fixture and ceiling rose, a vintage-styled bulb, and a textile cable, this pared-down pendant set offers pure, refined lighting for any room of the house. Modern décor without frills, but one with a decided historical precedent.

Moon Phase Print by Little Lark
There are tidal forces at work—whether it’s on water or your mood. Blending modern science with primitive wonder, Portland, Oregon-based label Little Lark’s 2016 Lunar Phase Calendar brings a beautifully crafted representation of the cosmos’ mysteries to your wall. Silkscreened by hand with metallic inks, each poster pairs an ultra-sharp image of the moon’s surface with a graphic lunar calendar. Easily trimmed and re-framed at the year’s end, Little Lark’s Lunar Phase Calendars are an elegant and perennial reminder of cosmic power.

Floome Breathalyser by FLOOME
Fun should last forever, but alas, all good things must come to an end. When that end comes, though, is much easier to decide with your FLOOME. FLOOME portable breathalyser uses your smartphone to give you an accurate reading of your blood concentration level—and also alert you when you are over the legal limit, estimates how long you need to wait before being safely sober, and can help you call a friend, call a taxi, or find a restaurant nearby, amongst other features. Have another round, or call it a night? With FLOOME, you have a tool to help point you in the right direction—and get you home safely no matter what.

Candle Holder Set by Lalupo
A place known for its concrete façades and colourful inhabitants, Berlin lends great inspiration to local label Lalupo—just take its set of Candle Holders. Made by hand of concrete with a rubber undersides to prevent scratches, the unusual pieces hold tall candles to channel factory chimneys and capture the capital’s industrial side.

Triple Pendant Lamp by marMORE
marMORE’s collection of lamps provides illuminating design for those who lust after a little luxury when it comes to interior design. Radiant, ritzy, and always ready for their close-up, the Edmond Pendant Light is sure to excite even the most die-hard fans of the minimalist movement.

Airy Plant Pot by AIRY
A plant-based air purifying system with incredible advantages: the AIRY pot from the eponymous label contains three permeable layers to aerate the roots of any plant, clearing 75 percent of all pollutants in 40 cubic meters within 24 hours. Making continuous maintenance and repotting feel like a thing of the past, the breakthrough product features a generous water tank to keep plants happy and healthy with little effort. AIRY brings air quality awareness indoors to improve your everyday life with health-conscious functionality and minimalistic design.