Light and Airy Pine Furniture by La Clinica Design
Storing your possessions doesn’t have to mean hiding them away. Madrid-based La Clinica Design’s display carts present your things as they were meant to be shown, while its varied range of furnishings are equally useful for well-designed homes.

Sgabello Stool by La Clinica Design

Carrello Basico Cart Shelf by La Clinica Design

Tavolino Alto Console Table by La Clinica Design

Libreria Shelf

Starwars Coffee Maker by Dutch Lab
Making a good cup of coffee is an art, so the machine you make it in should be up to the job. Its original aesthetic inspired by the film, the Starwars Slow Drip Coffee Maker by Korean label Dutch Lab makes café noir easy with its three pyrex glass cylinders and aluminium stand. Just pour cold water in and it drips through specially calibrated valve of the first flask into the second where the coffee is and then into the third where the brewed coffee collects, ready for you to enjoy a less acidic and cooling alternative to hot coffee. Both decorative and practical, this sculptural machine will revolutionise your morning, afternoon, and evening cups of coffee.

Marlin Pendant Lamp by Faro Barcelona
It’s not only Spain’s climate that’s warm and bright—as lighting label Faro Barcelona proves with its Marlin Pendant Lamp. With a sleek antique-look gold fixture and ceiling rose and a contrasting glass diffuser, the Marlin is an illumination that adds an original touch to living or working spaces. A bright and atmospheric spark for any climate.

Kubikle Storage Box by maacraft
Crafted of plywood in the label’s workshop, which employs and supports artisans with mental disabilities and donates all its proceeds to the Miskolc Autism Foundation, the Kubikle is a piece that contributes positively to your home as well as to society.

Bluetooth Headphones by SACKit
On the train, in a plane, or just chilling at home, listening to music is infinitely better without a backing track of what’s happening around you. The wireless WOOFit Headphones from Danish label SACKit are created with active noise cancellation to give you the space to enjoy your chosen sounds. Add on-ear controls to skip songs, change the volume, or take a call straight from the headset itself, and these Bluetooth headphones are the ideal mix of function, format, and unbeatable audio, all wrapped up in supple leather.

Bottle by Retap heart
We all know that plastic bottles are bad for the Earth. And they’re not great looking either. To give you an alternative that’s so elegant and practical that you’ll want to have it on your table, desk, or at your picnic, Scandinavian label Retap has created a bottle of the same name. In dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass that’s machine blown in the Czech Republic, the reusable vessel encourages you to drink tap water, saving the planet as well as your health and even your wallet. Go on, make a change.