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Bestial Bookends by züny, 1000 g
We’re just never too old for some things. That’s why grown men still read comics and granddad spends hour after hour in the basement with his model railway. Asian label züny caters to just such desires, livening up the grey adult world with some childish glee through its amusing aesthetics. The firm’s range of loveable household accessories are made by hand and so have a particular attention to detail—enriching objects to give a warm feel to nurseries and parental living rooms alike.

Appointments, commitments, responsibility—adult life is tiring and pretty dull. The bookends by züny take on the forms of animals to brighten up humdrum existences. In the Asian label’s world, each panda, cat, or cute creature is crafted by hand with extra attention paid to the tiny details, bringing them to life. Playful design for the young at heart.

I Power Strip by onkto katuh
In 1984, the words Eastern Bloc took on a new meaning: Tetris. Fast forward 30 years and Berlin-based label onkto katuh is putting a playful twist on the concept of Soviet power, taking Cold War era Russia’s most successful cultural export as the inspiration behind their Tetriplug collection. These fully-functional, hand-cast concrete power strips come in a series of shapes so familiar, they may just induce Tetris effect. With textile cables in a series of bright colours that any player will remember well and 4 Duroplast sockets, you have more than enough space to plug in your stereo and blast Korobeiniki.


Some functional items can afford to be neglected—unless they are given a new lease of life, that is. 250 Design does just that. The Korean label’s Water Bottle Dehumidifier is a new slant on a boring old necessity: in a slender form with a long hooked end, the Water Bottle can be easily hung between clothing in a wardrobe to contain moisture and keep away the damp. Don’t neglect your clothes or innovative design.

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