Happy Hipster Armchair by 366 Concept heart
A good imitation can come close, but nothing beats the real thing. Under an exclusive licence, Polish label 366 Concept has renewed the production of Josef Chierowski’s classic 366 armchair to share it with the modern world. With hidden screws to heighten its streamlined appearance and stain-proof upholstery, the Happy Hipster version is an inviting and compact seat straight from the ‘60s but perfect for the here and now.

Pocket-Sized Mobile Projectors by INNOIO
A pocket-sized projector that packs a punch—the innovative Innocube IC-100T goes wherever you do to make up for what your screen lacks. Compatible with a broad range of devices, from iPhones to tablets, the mini entertainment system is made by Korean label INNOIO to upgrade the way to receive your information with quality, creativity, and ease of use. Winner of IF’s Product of the Year Award, the lightweight LED projector features a built-in speaker, heat and noise reduction, and a high-definition DLP projection. A clever little unit that gives you a greater view, wherever you are.

Classic American Men’s Skin Care by Baxter of California
A true pioneer in the field of men’s skincare, Baxter of California is an American classic—founded in 1965, the label has spent the intervening years carefully blending science and nature into each of its tailored formulations, designed first and foremost to be kind to skin. Editor’s note Bonus – you don’t have to hide this beautiful package.

Braun alarm clocks heart

Radio Controlled Alarm by Braun
Seemingly a fixture since time immemorial, the products by traditional German label Braun help you track the fleeting moments. With the continual revision and development of everyday objects and building on the ‘less but better’ ideas of industrial designer Dieter Rams heart, the electronics firm provides simple and reliable design classics. The the Red Dot and IF gold award-winning Global Radio Controlled Alarm Clock is no exception: with its clear LCD display, backlight, and radio controlled function it’s sure to become a fixture beside your bed.

Duotable Table by Urban-Favourites
That perennial problem of a lack of space is an even more pressing one for city dwellers. Made to save you some essential inches, German label Urban-Favourites’ Interior Innovation Award-winning Duotable is a compact unit with a split tabletop that opens on one side to reveal three differently proportioned compartments—including two handily A4-sized ones—and has storage space under the other, while the steel base is shaped to allow for cable management. Work, order, and metropolitan living, all in one smart unit.

Smaider Bureau by Urban-Favourites
German label Urban-Favourites’ slim Smaider Bureau is a compact workstation that contains an ergonomic fold-out desk, cable outlets perfect for laptops or smartphone wires, a magnetic wall, and handy metal pockets. Work, order, and metropolitan living, all in one smart unit.