Loaf Pan by Creo heart
Anyone who truly appreciates good food knows that the visual is a crucial element of taste. With a colourful ceramic outer and an inner made of specially developed SmartGlass, a form of tempered borosilicate glass, cookware label Creo’s advanced range of bowls, baking trays, and pie dishes are made to facilitate flavour. Freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and, of course, oven-safe up to 230°C, these bold dishes make sure our culinary creations are heated thoroughly and evenly—and that the end result is as tasteful as the form it’s cooked in.


Wireless Speaker by LUXA2
They convey messages, give audio and visual alerts, show us where we’re going, and have become simply indispensable: like it or not, smartphones and tablets are an everyday necessity. Label LUXA2 is here to help integrate them into our lives with smart and flawless design, like the Groove Wireless Speaker: the aluminium Groove can connect to all Bluetooth 4.0 devices and deliver up to 12 hours of rich stereo sound, all in an industrial-styled package with leather handles, ready to bring your music wherever it’s needed.

Deer Trophy by Papertrophy – this reminded me of Hannibal Season 3 heart and me hardly waiting to see brilliant Mads Mikkelsen and co. This is the only TV series I watched in the last 10 years. Mostly I would much more read instead. That being said, it has to be outstanding. heart
If two-dimensional nature pictures aren’t quite enough for you, then the animal trophies by Berlin-based label Papertrophy are just the thing. Under this label, designer Holger Hoffmann creates angular animals that stand or hang on the wall in weighty FSC-certified paper. Flora-, fauna-, and incredibly creativity- and time-friendly, each pre-folded paper set can be assembled in a few simple steps using its numbering system, for eco-conscious design with a natural flair.

Yoko by Foscarini

Foscarini Doll is a small table lamp inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese Kokeshi Doll. Ionna Vautrin.

Sofa by Versus
When it comes to sleek and beautiful design, that of Denmark is still second to none. Young Danish studio Versus takes the history and culture of its home country and uses it to stunning effect, creating pure, stripped-back furniture with impeccable functionality. Perfectly proportioned, the Pump Armchair does not need any unnecessary ornament. Instead, its comfortable and welcoming seat invite you to sit down and while away the hours. Soft evidence that Denmark has truly earned its place amongst the international avant-garde.

Aether Cone heart
Use it plugged in or unplugged. Unplugged you’ll get roughly 8 hours of playback. There is Airplay on board in the event that you want to beam music direct from your iOS device. But that’s really an ancillary feature. The true meat and potatoes of the Cone is that it can directly play back music, via your home’s WiFi, using RDIO‘s 30 million strong song library. Instead of dialing in the song or genre of choice on the included app (more on that in a bit), you simply tap the button at the center of the speaker and speak your request aloud. You can ask it to play a song, a radio station, or a genre of music.

Note: to setup the Cone, no app is necessary. Just head to There you’ll enter your email, info, sign up for a free RDIO account, and connect your home’s WiFi to the Cone. It’s straight forward and simple to do.
Now, you may ask: how is the above unique to the Cone? Good question. What makes the Cone a snowflake in the proverbial portable speaker category, is that it is designed to learn your habits. Listen to jazz at 10pm on the daily? The Cone will learn that and play Jazz in the evening.

Spin the dial that surrounds the face of the speaker clockwise and the Cone will skip to a comparable song. Spin it more and it will perform a sort of “feeling lucky” Google like search, only for music.
That button, the one center to the speaker, tap it, instead of holding it, and the speaker will go mute. It’s circumference is housed by a beam of LED powered light, and will illuminate according to the action completed. It’s a hard touch button that is surprisingly reactive and leaves little to be desired. It’s, in other words, oddly satisfying to tap.