TB 3 Clothes Rack by TIDYBOY
t’s an all-too-familiar sight: the piles upon piles of clothes taking up residence on the bedroom floor or flung across an armchair. Berlin-based label TIDYBOY gets that sometimes garments just don’t belong in the wardrobe—they’re good for another wear, they need to air, or they should be out ready for the next morning. Handcrafted from local wood, the label’s TB 3 Clothes Rack brings a functional front to clothes and clutter. With more than enough room in its wide ladder frame to carry trousers or towels, and hooks for shirts at the back, the handy valet keeps things tidy and off the floor.

Book Shelves by Tomado
String-like but much cheaper.
We’re constantly in a state of change, and so are the things around us—so it’s especially practical when our furniture can grow and shift along with our possessions. Designed for Tomado by D. Dekker in the ’50s, this bookshelf’s steady popularity has made it an iconic Dutch design piece. This reissued edition is as solid, elegant, and flexible as the original: endlessly expandable, the shelves and side support units are crafted from robust steel and can be adjusted to whatever height you desire. Book lovers rejoice, your reads have just found a new, timelessly sophisticated abode.

Style Bluetooth Speaker by FUGOO
We all enjoy the quiet of the great outdoors, but sometimes it can be a little too silent. Solving this dilemma in style, the Style Bluetooth Speaker by FUGOO plays your favourite tunes with 360° sound from its sleek, compact from. Water-, weather-, and mud-proof, the speaker in durable plastic is perfect for any conditions, and with a battery life of up to 40 hours it won’t let you down. You can even take your other tech-y home comforts with you, as the Style has a speakerphone function compatible with Siri or Google Now. A new—and decidedly durable—dimension to outdoor entertainment.

The Fugoo speaker itself is a self-contained angular Core unit that is completely waterproof and designed to be dust, sand, snow dirt and impact-resistant regardless of its modular exterior casing. As for hardware specs, the Fugoo Wireless Speaker boasts an impressive 40-hour battery life, loud 95dB volume, and six symmetrical placed speaker drivers positioned at an 8-degree upward tilt that harmoniously produce a rich and immersive 360 degree sound experience. Such a complex set of hardware in a portable speaker that’s only 6.5″ long.

Agora Trolley by Don hierro
The thing about kitchens is that they’re not so easy to change—generally, you have to work with what you’ve got. Combining years of experience with a focus on innovation, Spanish label Don hierro creates furnishings that give your kitchen a bit of stylish flexibility. Easy to move around as you need it, the AGORA Trolley provides extra surface or storage space and a helping hand when it comes to clearing the table. Flexible design for a not-so-flexible space.

Hola Folding Tray by Don hierro
The HOLA Tray is a multipurpose piece that props up your meal around the home and folds down to easily store away. Flexible design for a not-so-flexible space.


Power Extension Board by Punkt heart
We’ve all been there: big plugs don’t fit next to small plugs, the last socket you need is always eluding you, and then before you know it, you’re tripping over a pile of cables. In collaboration with Georges Moanack, Swiss label Punkt. has finally put it all right. With a rounded form and space for 5 plugs, the ES 01 Extension Socket hides the whole show away underneath a sleek cover with an integrated power button. Consider cable chaos tamed.

Normal alarm clock, Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso, manufactured by Diamantini&Domeniconi // 2013
Normal comes from the desire to furnish our home with simple, elegant and well made things​;
timeless objects that remind every day the priceless emotion of normality.