White with white is eternal. As well as white and grey. Or black. But again, colour can work wonders.
Not any colour and not in every combination.
Show your colours! Or take this as an inspiration to create good fashion outfit! Or make up palette. Or colour set for your home.

This – waterbone, family crest, canadian rocky, park place, quiet cove, isle of capri and pastoral lake heart


Professional Barbecue by Brandani
When it comes to the culinary arts, the Italians are the uncontested masters—and traditional label Brandani knows exactly what is needed to create the perfect meal, indoors or out. Ready to grill sausages, burgers, and more to perfection, the Professional Barbecue Grill Station has everything you need for summer enjoyment: alongside a barbecue and built-in thermometer, a folding side table adds space for storage and seasoning, while a shelf and hook for utensils keep the essentials close at hand. Good taste, in style and flavour—it’s the Italian way.

Focused Lighting Design by Edizioni Design heart
Despite all logic, keeping things simple can be actually quite complex. Distinguishing its collections with resolute forms, Edizioni Design was founded by Alberto Sala, Paolo Sala, and Federico Ferrari to strip homewares back to their beautiful basics. The Italian label extensively researches combinations of forms, materials, and colours to design its pieces, pairing together metal and wood in striking, geometric silhouettes. Characterised by this concentrated approach, Edizioni’s collections enrich spaces with a deep-rooted elegance, leaving no doubt to the dictum ‘less is more.

Ed030.02 Table Lamp by Edizioni Design
Cross an interest in design, architecture, and communication together and you’ll have a rather complex assembly of bold ideas. Strip them all back, though, and the results will be nothing short of awe-inspiring—at least by Italian label Edizioni Design’s example. Combining multidisciplinary skills in the ED030 series, Edizioni has created a lamp that exudes strong character from its material contrast and resolute form. In metal and wood, the ED030 is a beacon for rich, focused design.

Bubble lamp Steve Jones for Innermost
From the bold shapes of fashion jewellery to the sophisticated silhouettes of decorative lighting, Bubble was one of Innermost’s first spotlight pendants. Designed by Innermost Co-founder Steve Jones, this playful downlight took inspiration from a simple earring. Now it adorns many hotels and other commercial spaces around the globe.
Perfect for staggered rows, clusters, or as an accent in neatly spaced positions.
Materials: Stainless Steel

Fench Press Coffee Pot with Wood Handle – Freud French Press Coffee Pot

Audio Pro T9 Speaker by Audio Pro
Small speakers, big experience. Since 1978, Audio Pro has been engineering rich sound into sleek ranges of stereo devices with Scandinavian aesthetics. Its long-standing expertise is reflected the Audio Pro T9 Speaker: three integrated speakers combine for 50 watts of power, ready to wirelessly deliver strong audio sound through Bluetooth connectivity. In a clean, simple form, the T9 fits in unobtrusively to any environment, but makes its presence known when the sounds comes on.

Sol Table Lamp by Edgar heart
Luxury to some means grand opulence. Its epitome to others is an empty surf beach at sunrise. Favouring the latter, Australian designer Simon Pithie used this natural mood to inspire the Sol Lamp collection for his Berlin-based label Edgar. Punctuated with a classic Edison lightbulb to give the form a classical feel, the refined lamp features a touch sensor to control its glow. Ideal for lighting the pages of a book or providing a soft glow for entertaining guests, the Sol radiates relaxed elegance from every angle.