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Philips Rice Cooker
The Eco Rice Cooker was named not only for its electric efficiency, but also for its material eco-conciousness. Made from either recycled plastic or bio-plastic, the design’s minimal interface features less (and therefore more simple) controls to minimize the number of unnecessary component parts. Its compact size is perfect for single servings and won’t take up valuable counter or cabinet space.
Designers: Kim Hongjoo & Noh Jihun

Konstsmide-Modena heart

Menu Juuri storage glass. heart Designer: Sarah Böttger.
Juuri Storage Containers are designed to display delicious ingredients, cotton balls or your rare collection of fountain pens. The glass containers are all made from the very durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

Metropolitan chair, B&B Italia
Designed by Jeffrey Bernett, Metropolitan ’14 is a fully upholstered rotating chair, denoting a flowing design of surfaces with a fully integrated seat cushion. Tailored seams highlight certain crucial areas. The seat’s profile, reminiscent of a simile, invites one to sit down and enjoy a moment’s rest. The hallmark of Metropolitan ’14 is the uniform flow of the seat into the armrests, creating a perfect nest for comfort and relaxation.



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