Beloved animals

You are missed. Each and every single day.
Even now, writing this I can not stop crying. I still visit your grave every single day, no metter what, rain or hot, healthy or ill and loaded with meds.
Days and weeks and even months have passed and it doesn’t hurt less. I miss your smell, your sound purring or just you being silly again and hidden behind the door and forgetting your tail. I miss everything I ever had with you.
Dearest, I miss you every single day and hope that you are having loads of fun in that great mouse-hunting field in the sky.

It continues to amaze me, how much love and pleasure animals can bring into human lives. We’re privileged to have them, aren’t we?
I will miss him for as long as I live, but I am also extremely thankful to have had endless pleasure from his companionship. Thank you for being in my life . I love you.
Even through my grief, I would like to encourage everyone to consider adopting a homeless animal. There are far too many loving little beings out there who need homes. Please look beyond your vision of the perfect dog, cat etc. See beyond age, breed and pedigree.

So we got – for our now lonely little cat diva – a feral companion. Beautiful, dear, sweet black Rania. A feral.

And we tried. For days and weeks and two months. We tried everything.
Like rescue remedy with every single meal, pheromones, even special pills for relaxing – with the same ingredient which puppies get with the mom’s milk to stay so relaxed and calm. Our vet gave as this small package for 50 bucks. We tried everything. Our little feral – poor little creature – tried EVERYTHING. Playing and trying 1000 times per day, ignoring, catching a bug and giving it to the alpha cat. To get what in return?
Beating, hissing and spitting around the clock. Every single time she would go in the corner and cry. Little feral miracle.

Never before a human hand touched her, but we managed to touch, brush!!! and snuggle in only 2 weeks. She started to “talk”, sing and play all the time. Extremely clever and sweet. Nobody counted with this scenario, that our little diva – loving up to that day EVERY single animal ever passing our doorstep, having to talk every single time sitting among my friends when we had a visit…that our little diva would be so hostile all the time.

Nobody was happy. So Rania left yesterday.We organized her a perfect home with garden and two people who can hardly wait to start to love her. We cried. Rania started to cry a day earlier feeling she will have to go. Although it was not her fault und she did try everything. She tried to pet our diva with her little paw only to be bitten the next second. She cried that whole last day, didn’t eat or drink not even eating her favourite tuna and just didn’t want to go. We both cried. Me from sadness and the pain from middle ear infection, feeling that very moment so helpless and failed.

I would like to try again one more time. Little diva should not be so much alone. I work long hours, go sometimes out after work and don’t want to stay whole weekend at home just because we don’t have a second cat. I travel a lot too, for work and for pleasure. At the same time I am afraid to break another little heart if it won’t work.

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