Cloud Kitchen Board + Sponge by SNUG.STUDIO
How do you find the right present? Choose the one you’d like to be given yourself. It’s according to this predominantly fool-proof principle that Hannover-based SNUG.STUDIO designs carefully made home accessories in fresh shapes and with a loving attention to detail. The SNUG.CLOUD & RAIN set of a kitchen board and a sponge makes preparing, eating, and maybe even serving our meals that bit more fun. There’s only one answer to the question of locating the perfect gift: buy two.




Kreafunk bluetooth aOwl Speaker
The aOWL, short for audio-Owl is a brand new way of experiencing music. Music looks right at you through the powerful 70mm full tone speakers, that are the eyes of the aOWL. The aOWL features Bluetooth 3.0, a built-in amplifier plus volume and on/off, placed on the back.


Kreafunk aSHELF combines the functionality and design of a shelf, with musics ability to create vibes and mood. It is excellent for use in kitchens, bedrooms, offices ect. The possibilities are limitless. Your iPhone or iPod will never run out of power when using the aSHELF. It charges your media while enjoying your favourite music. aSHELF is great for use in your everyday life. Its powerful speakers gives you the luxury of exploring all kinds of music, from soft chill out to hard rock. aSHELF not only provides quality sound but is also a practical shelf with a load-bearing capacity of 15 kg. The shelf’s strength creates many possibilities for combining shelf space and sound in your home.



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