01 Lamp by Vejtsberg
The objects you bring home should, of course, fulfil a function—but furnishing a home is more than just a means to an end. Since 2010, small German label Vejtsberg has designed homewares that resonate with a certain spirit, using clean lines and a contemporary language to carry cheer and calm into the home. With characteristic clarity, the 01 Lamp’s glass construction is heightened by the addition of a colourful cord, a small detail that brings the piece to life. Imbue your home with a sense of place, without forgetting function along the way.

Award-Winning Bluetooth Headphones by MiPow heart
Innovation means doing things differently. Founded in 2010, MiPow has taken that philosophy to the heart of mobile technology, acquiring 48 patents and more than a few awards along the way. The Hong Kong-based label has an instinctual understanding for forward-thinking presentation, packaging every groundbreaking idea for tech and sound into sleek designs with covetable looks. Its Bluetooth Headphones push wireless functionality to the next level. Combining distinctive aesthetics with connective ease and rich sound, the portable media has brought MiPow numerous accolades, the latest of which was an iF Design Award in 2014.

  Clork Clock by Puik Art
Dutch design is sparing with its lines, but innovative and sharp with its wit. Working with young Netherlands-based designers to create and market new pieces, Puik Art brings out the best in the field. The Clork Clock by up-and-coming Amsterdam label ILIAS ERNST is a solid cork and metal form filled with vital good looks and a sense of humour—so much so that you’ll want your home to go a bit more Dutch.

Extension Lead by Puik Art
The FlowerPower Extension Lead by up-and-coming Amsterdam label ILIAS ERNST is a home essential based on a quintessentially Dutch form: the tulip. A handy 4-metre-long cable made with vital good looks and a sense of humour, the FlowerPower will make you want your home to go a bit more Dutch.

Tulight Pendant Lamp by Puik Art