Heirloom Vase by Moustache

Zinken Headphones by Urbanears
Science meets artistry: connecting high-performance tech with sharp style and practicality, Urbanears’ headphones are uncomplicated, contemporary pieces. Practical to the highest degree, the Zinken DJ headphones isolate the outside world, allowing listeners to focus on the deep bass and precise highs. Sociable, too, the headphones have a ZoundPlug to enable a friend to plug their headphones to yours, a built-in microphone and controls, and a flexible, adjustable headband. An accessory available in a rainbow of rich shades to match any outfit, the Zinken is an indispensable everyday companion.

The new trend in headphones is moving from small, compact earbuds to big DJ-quality headphones that envelop the ears and provide state of the art audio quality. But the top of the headphone line generally costs pretty big bucks. For instance, a really upscale pair of headphones can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

But the new Zinken headphones from Urbanears have all of the top-flight features of an upscale pair, but with the relatively low-ticket price of $140 at their website. Those features include a detachable cable, built in microphone, and a remote control, all in addition to the style that one expects from a good pair of headphones.

Zinken is an on-ear DJ headphone extraordinaire, packed with features like the dual-duty TurnCable and the ZoundPlug. We’ve designed Zinken to be ultra comfortable, even for hours on end. That means you can keep that deep bass, as well as those crisp mids and hig

Styline – product family for Bosch und Siemens. Stefan Koitzsch and Alex Erdwiens.
Alle three devices – electric kettle, toaster and coffee maker – are designed to be the “breakfast set”. The Design features the combination of simplicity and refinement. The contrast of soft and hard edges, circumflowing parting lines and a worthy material mix creates an ageless and elegant character for the mid- to highprice marke

Lightyears Volume lamp

Prototype. Design Collaboration: Jantze Brogård Asshoff

Cattelan, Artic Design

Bella dots coffee maker

Normann Copenhagen Light house

Timer Clock by MONDO
Unless you secretly have superpowers, at some point or another you’re going to need help to get the job done. Taking the edge off being a mere mortal, Japanese label MONDO creates some of the friendliest task-aiding tools to land on Earth. The label’s timer clock will leap from clock and alarm functions to timer without breaking a sweat and will scale your refrigerator or other metal surfaces with its trusty magnet back. Available in a bright array of colours sure to put a smile on your face, MONDO is there to save the day.

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