This might be the first goodlooking electrical toothbrush ever, “Wiz” is designed by Stockholmbased Formality.
Dentally Wiz  heart is a new take on an electrical toothbrush. It disrupts the general aestetic norm for electrical toothbrushes and at the same time have a charging solution that invites users to store the device in the charger. To make this happen we designed a charger that resembles an ordinary cup or glass that people use to store their toothbrush in. The result is an product that fits into a contemporary bathroom.

Dentally Zip is new product on the european market. This small size electrical toothbrush is pocket size and ideal for traweling etc. The form derives from the Dentally Wiz design philosphy.

Also from Formality

Korona by Harri Koskinen for Valoarte

It’s no accident that Scandinavian design has an established reputation for starting trends with its solid style. Copenhagen-based designer LOUISE ROE cements this widely held idea through the work of her eponymous design house.

Bold by Yksi for Leitmotiv

Cyclope mirror by Moustache heart
Moustache is a French publishing house in the field of contemporary articles and home furnishings, founded in 2009 under the impetus of Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio. Rooted in the history of arts and techniques, Moustache carries out an attentive and responsible production responding to its searches for new, beautiful, functional, relevant shapes.


Ô fruit bowl Moustache, Ionna Vautrin