Jenaer Glas heart

Bohemia Cristal by Jenaer Glas

Electric Shaver for Philips Personal Care by Michiel Cornelissen

Angels Sing by Jurianne Matter

cattelan italia jolly glass side table|graphite. Brand: Stock Designed by: Cà nova design

Pi-no Pi-no vases by Maija Puoskari. Sections of these glass vases by Finnish designer Maija Puoskari can be stacked and swapped to create different vessels for flowers.

Young, modern and fashionable. Perfect for the living room and ideal for the bedroom. Four versions: round and square, available in two different heights. For those who love a avantguarda style. Base in solid oak stained melange or mat lacquered. The top is available in oak mélange, walnut, matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, marble Travertino Silver Brown, Calacatta Oro, white Carrara, Emperador or Basaltite stone.

SPUN Bird Feeder
Hand turned solid feeder has two troughs – one covered for seed & one on top for water. Suspended on tension wire.
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Contardi Kubrick Pendant light

Sara & Bob Lamps by Dan Yeffet heart

Eclectic by Tom Dixon

Muuto, Anna van der Lei, Laura Timosaari

Power cut

Last 15+ years we didn’t have any power cuts. Yesterday we did. The whole house. And the whole street. And almost the half of the down town.

O.k. No need to panic, right?
Just work your to do list along and everything will be fine.
Paying bills – hm, no.
Preparing a presentation – no.
No internet, no power, no phone – thank you VoIP  – mobile phone almost empty.

O.k. I could dye my hair. And then rinse it 2-3 times in icecold water!? Nope.
Register for some business events – no internet.
Book a table for saturday – no.
Wash and iron – LOL
Vacuum – well…LOL
Cook a dinner – also LOL. Cook with music – double LOL.
Finally make some photos – real camera also on low.

Why was I at home having a free day and not at work????

I sat for hours with water (and not coffee ) and a book, but at some point I started to be desperate. I could not order food, since any delivery in our area was cut too. I mostly have only fresh food in a fridge and wanted to go grocery shopping later that day anyway.

Then we had power for 15 minutes and I jumped to charge like….EVERYTHING!!!!! Made a bottle of iced coffee, fried some steak and called some friends.  Yes, all at the same time. I felt better since I was not hungry any more, I had internet –  partly charged mobile phone – and decided to spent the rest of the day in bed with a book. Cats loved it.

Living off the grid could never ever be an option for me! Only after couple of hours I was ready to beg for some electricity.

And again, why this never happens while at work????