Lipstick addiction

Couple of years ago, categories were very defined. You had lipsticks, which usually provided a block of colour, and you had lip glosses which were more casual and gave a shiny, sheer finish.
These days those lines are very blurred, lipsticks get more glossy and glosses get more lipstick like.

My new big love and one of the best things I have put on my lips during last years – Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour heart. And being a lipstick junkie, this says a lot.
The next day I went for additional colour. Because it feels so good, like your lips are hugged by big soft clouds.

My first choice was coral reef. My summer colour.

And the second one was rosewood. I was really surprised how pigmented these are, and how smoothly they go on. These swatches are just one swipe of each.

Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour: quite dense and creamy, richly saturated with color pigments to ensure an intense color pay-off. The unique narrow applicator is specifically designed to provide a precise, full coverage, and even line the lips to some extent, for more precise application. Overall, I like the intense, full coverage and high pigmented effect.
And its ultra-thin, weightless texture.

Laura’s Technique – use the tip to line and define lips and the flat side of the multi-functional paddle brush for full colour coverage.
Colours: 9 Shades – Vermillion Red, Golden Peach, Fuchsia Mauve, Orchid Pink, Rosewood, Red Brick, Petal Pink, Nude Rose and Coral Reef.

Even though it creates a demi-matte finish, it doesn’t make the lips feel dry or uncomfortable. Once applied, the creamy color dries in a couple of minutes, while staying soft and cushiony.

Also it’s is not sticky, – the reason I stopped to use lip gloss years ago.

Some more summer colours:

And some more lipstick love:

And nail polish love:

I am still searching for a lipstick in this colour