Blunt Umbrella by Blunt heart
Cheap patterned fabrics, tricky opening mechanisms, inversion in the face of wind, the pleasant after-effects of poking our friends in the face—the joys of umbrellas in the rainy season. Resourceful design engineer Greig Brebner was fed up. With an ingenious concept and a few deft strokes, the Blunt Umbrella was created: holding strong thanks to an aerodynamic canopy, made of durable, fast-drying fabric, and with a frame built to withstand opening and closing perfectly, this is a functional, aesthetic development on the classic umbrella—one made to last, no matter how many spring storms it sees.

The Blunt aim is not just to redefine the umbrella itself, but the whole umbrella industry.
A Blunt umbrella, is designed and built to withstand the toughest conditions and be a pleasure to use year after year. This means less waste, better value for money, and less swearing in the street every time it rains.

It is not hard to notice that I am curious and fascinated. I am hesitating because of the Price tag – 70,00 €.

Ding Dong by Leitmotiv

Ribble Leitmotiv heart

HAY heart

B Chair from Konstantin Grcic for BD Barcelona

Cruiser by Swedese

Pillowbag by Hhooboz
The great outdoors can be an exciting place, though not always a comfortable one. Adding an extra layer between you and hard seating, lumpy grass, or wet sand, and wrapping it up in a convenient shoulder bag, the Hhooboz Pillowbag by German label Hock is made for modern wanderers who like the finer things. With a dirt- and water-repellent cover, a small zip-up pocket for phones and cash, and a handy keyring, this padded bag simply unzips to become a cushion for any occasion—a compact and comfortable wonder to make the outdoor life that bit sweeter.