Kitchen Trolley by Lyon Béton, 62.5 kg
A must for spaces with industrial overtones, the Steel & Concrete Kitchen Trolley is a mobile and hardwearing piece that gives an impression of lightness with its open iron frame. Solid style with concrete appeal.

Coffee Table by Lyon Béton

The Horatio Lamp by Manhattan Project Design Shop heart

Magnus Marble Plate by LOUISE ROE
It’s no secret that Scandinavian design often navigates its way through the exciting unknown, rather than following the beaten track. Copenhagen-based label LOUISE ROE is no exception. In smooth marble stone, the label’s collection of elegant display plates gives deserving attention to the material’s natural vein with a contemporary classic look—a range with Scandinavian simplicity for your special odds and ends.

IC S2 Pendant Lamp by Michael Anastassiades for FLOS
Consistently avant-garde since the ’60s, the lamps by Italian label FLOS have a fresh yet instantly classic take on illumination. The IC S2 Pendant Lamp by London-based designer Michael Anastassiades is a piece that explores balance, with a spherical, hand-blown opal glass diffuser globe appearing to hang from its fine, brushed and varnished frame. With soft diffused light and sleek lines to create the ideal atmosphere, this playful lamp will elevate the room to new heights—with pioneering style.

Cable Sphere String Light FLOS

Compleat FoodBag by von Unikia

Well Done Tongs and Skewers by Unikia
Standing at the barbecue can be a dull job, especially when everyone else is having fun. The Well Done Tongs and Skewers by Norwegian label Unikia are a useful addition to the label’s Social Grill and cater to those of us who want share the barbecuing experience. With six well-balanced sets of tongs and six V-shaped skewers with holders that hook onto the grill, each guest gets their own tools to enjoy the grill experience individually—a handy solution to a summer need.

Compleat FoodBook by Unikia
Taking lunch with you is always a good idea. Whether you’re out for the day, having a picnic, or just going to work, it’s a fair bet you’re going to get hungry at some point. The Compleat FoodBook by Norwegian label Unikia caters to those of us who carry bags that fit our laptops perfectly, but lunch boxes not so well. The slim shape of the BPA-free plastic Foodbook slips easily into a bag and can hold sandwiches, salads, pizza, pancakes, or whichever flat foods your heart desires—a handy solution to a daily need.

Microwave your lunch in your lunch bag and eat directly from it, too.

Energy Booster Box by Unikia
The Compleat Energy Booster by Norwegian label Unikia caters to those of us who don’t want to take a full lunch but need a pick me up, mid-morning or afternoon. The BPA-free plastic container has a teaspoon holder and three compartments for nuts, muesli, yoghurt, or whichever foods your heart desires—a handy solution to a daily need.

Random pics – iphone only

Most of my lunch breaks I spend walking around. heartAt least on any rain-free day.

New in

Flowers for neighbor taking care of my countless packages until I come home. Cat food packages are usually 12kg+ and the fact, that I don’t have to go to the post office, then rather just push the boxes from her to my apartment with my foot is more then cool.

Then again some walking


And then sometimes I just sit in the park across my work and read. And indulge in some dessert. Like here in white and dark chocolate mousse.

Which one for tomorrow?