Random pics

Random pics from strolling around the other evening.

We are sharing our roof garden at work with some hard core geeks. Those one developing computer games and being lead company in this field worldwide. First couple of days I was shocked and wondering how did I end up here. And now it is funny and weird and plain great. You will see funny dressed people – dressed in costumes from the fairytale land – jumping and discussing. Yes. Now, this is enterntaing. A lot. This guys work sometimes whole night, never walk this ONE floor to the street and eat strange, mostly boxed food. But our days make us much more fun with those guys.

New in this week. Rather big, high-quality calf leather bag with smart compartment for good interior organisation. It was not a bargain. But I do hope that my new daily helper with rich leather would last couple of seasons. And I am a sucker for a lovely package. And I love to get a dust bag.