Bed Linens by LOUISE ROE
Wild adventures, mountains made of candy floss, and the ability to fly: what we dream is completely unpredictable. The sheets we lay down to sleep on, on the other hand, are completely up to us. The softly patterned, high thread count cotton sateen of Danish label LOUISE ROE’s bed linen radiates absolute comfort and relaxed simplicity—just the perfect covering to see you off into dreamland.

5-Plug Extension Socket by Punkt
Why are most power boards, well, board shaped? The awkward format can mean big plugs don’t fit next to small plugs, and before you know it, you’re just tripping over a pile of cables. In collaboration with Georges Moanack, Swiss label Punkt. has finally put that right. The rounded form of the ES 01 Extension Socket has room for five plugs, without each ever having to fight for space. With an illuminated switch to kill the power when you need to, a 3-metre-long cable, and an included clip to keep the cable chaos under control, it’s a real live wire—but one with the extra safety of a built-in fuse.

Thermo Bottle by 24Bottles
Every time one of 24Bottles’ stainless steel bottles is refilled, the world breathes a little easier—a simple flip of the tap releases less than a fraction of the carbon dioxide emitted by the production of a plastic bottle. The beautifully designed stainless steel Thermo Bottle makes it that much easier to leave plastic in the dust, with a double-walled construction that keeps cold refreshments chilled for up to 24 hours, and warm drinks hot for nearly 12. Add recycling-ready graceful cardboard packaging designed by Luca D’Antuono, and every sip from a 24Bottle comes with more than a few green karma points.

Colibri Chair by Markus Johansson for HansK

Oeuf Classic Birch Toddler Bed

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Louise Roe. Opbevaringsglas

Oeuf Crib

The W+W Stationery Series by Swedish brand Ideaco & Oliver Franz is a minimal stationery and desk organizer. The “W+W” stands for white ceramic and wood. The tray holds pens, paper clips, and other small items, as well as a memo pad and a smartphone. The grooved tray can also accommodate your iPhone charger when not otherwise occupied.