Maka Chair by DENOE design
Classic creations can be charming, but those that bear the imprint of their maker are all the more special. Barcelona-based studio DENOE design creates furniture that discloses its multi-faceted and gradual development process with dynamic aesthetics. The MAKA Chair in plywood and plastic-coated polyester reinvents the classic hammock for a relaxed addition to any room of the house, sure to inspire memories of sun-soaked afternoons. Functional, decorative, and full of personality.

65 cm Nuus Lamp by DENOE design
The handmade NUUS Lamp in beech wood and fabric takes its name from the Catalan word for knot and transforms a straightforward idea into an innovative lighting design.

Sisauu Wood Pendant Lamp by DENOE design
The handmade SISAUU Pendant Lamp is incredibly versatile—hang it on the wall or ceiling, make it short or long, cable artistically wrapped or just hooked over, the permutations are manifold. Functional, decorative, and full of personality.

02 Mimmo Aeroplane Toy by Playforever
Automobiles inspire a particular passion, one that usually begins in childhood. This is especially true for industrial designer Julian Meagher, who creates toy vehicles in collaboration with fellow designer Cameron Treeby for their aptly named label Playforever. The label’s 202 Mimmo Aeroplane Toy is made from ABS plastic, coated with a high-gloss UV layer, and polished by hand for a flawless finish—a sterling homage to a classic that’s suitable for young and old alike.

Speedy Le Mans Toy Car by Playforever

Bruno Racing Car Toy by Playforever

Bruno Racing Car Toy by Playforever

Bonnie Toy Car by Playforever

Buck Roddie Toy Car by Playforever

Clyde Midnight Toy Car by Playforever

Rain Humidifier by BALMUDA
Bringing form to fresh air, Japanese label BALMUDA has created the Rain humidifier: a tankless air expert equipped with a digital display to keep track of its water level, current mode, and the room’s humidity—all regulated by a control ring on its rim. Shaped like a traditional Japanese vase, the Rain blends sensuously into any room. Its water basin can be removed to clean, but chalk and minerals won’t cling and an enzyme filter keeps bacteria away. Rounding out all those tech smarts and health benefits with a note of true innovation, the Rain humidifier took home a Red Dot Design Award in 2014—marking it as a true master of air and design.