Set of WWW Glasses by Atipico. Italian designer Fabio Meliota
The set includes one water glass, one stemless—but stylish—wine glass and one whiskey tumbler, all crafted of handblown borosilicate glass.

Reton Round Tables by Atipico
The work of dancer-cum-designer Antonino Sciortino for Italian label Atipico, the Reton Tables’ strong shapes put modern geometries in motion. Made of solid iron but designed with a lightness in mind, the Reton set is an accent piece designed to withstand trend and stay fresh for years to come.

The kitchen is a space where everything should well and truly make sense. Finnish label Magisso is on a mission to help you out with a clever range of user-friendly, stylish products that have been born of actual need—not the dictate of some marketing department. Though Finland isn’t famed for its warm weather, the Finns still have the problem of food and drinks warming up too fast once they’re out of the fridge. Never fear: Magisso has a solution. After a short soak in cold water, this cooling ceramic will keep its contents naturally cool for two to four hours—plenty of time for you to make a masterpiece in chalk on its exterior.


Magnetic Sponge Holder by Magisso

Lampania Lamp by Tabanda
Blowing a breath of fresh air through the design industry, young Polish design trio Tabanda is renowned for their unique take on form. Combining retro design dynamics with contemporary edge, the Lampania Lamp is designed to be hung any way you see fit: as a pendant, wall, or table lamp. The squared form with rounded corners is elegant but playful—and with an extra-long cable, Lampania can be looped, strung, or travel just about anywhere. It’s no wonder this lighting innovation took home the Must Have prize from the prestigious Łódź Design Festival in 2011.

Droplet Lamp by Viktor Legin Design

Electrolux Stand Mixer Peter Braakhuis