Bed Light by mylight
Forget the nerve-wracking search for the light switch at the witching hour. Lighting specialist mylight has come up with the ideal solution for late-night wakefulness—a simple sensor. Designed to lie under beds, the Bed Light’s gentle, warm LED strip responds to movement, providing just enough light to illuminate the space without disturbing anyone who may be asleep. No matter what the middle of the night may bring, a bright glare needn’t jolt you awake.

Tak-Tak Pen by ten Design Stationery
More than just a tool for scribbling thoughts on a page, the right pen can be a loyal accessory—which is exactly where Hong Kong-based label ten Stationery Design comes in with its minimalist designs that go the distance. With a magnetic cap that clicks to either end, the label’s refillable brass TAK-TAK Pen does away with unnecessary decorative flourishes to focus on sharp style and comfortable form. It’s a pen sure to motivate a return to paper for even the most hardcore of tech fans.


Roller Stylus Pen by ten Design Stationery heart

Origin Pen by ten Design Stationery

Balance Pen by ten Design Stationery
SLETTEN Cutlery Set by Broste Copenhagen heart
You could drown in the ink that has been spilled rhapsodizing over Scandinavian design, but Danish label Broste Copenhagen knows that all those clean, minimalistic lines are for nought if you can’t make high design work with your everyday life. The SLETTEN Cutlery Set of a knife, fork, dessert and tea spoons integrates Scandinavian design into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner routines with a sleek metallic sheen that makes a well-designed house a home.

Simple, unobtrusive, elegant. Young label Shibui takes its name from the Japanese word for this kind of beauty, and shows exactly what an added touch of internationally minded design can accomplish. Founded by award-winning Greek designers Athanasios Babalis and Constantinos Hoursoglou, the young Swiss label creates furniture and home accessories that exude timeless elegance and radiate with the welcoming warmth of carefully selected materials. Sustainably handmade by small, family-run European businesses, Shibui’s designs bring international minimalism to design-conscious homes.

Phone Stand by Shibui
Minimalistic design has an enormous advantage: its timeless lines will withstand any passing trend. The DSK Phone Stand wraps this philosophy into a bronze piece that makes an impressive organizational statement on desktops, with a built-in cable management hole for charging.

Linelight Desk Lamp by Shibui

O Wine Bottle Opener by Shibui heart

Leaf Notepad Caddy by Shibui
The Leaf Notepad Caddy wraps this philosophy into a solid copper piece that makes an impressive organizational statement on desktops, with space for a small notepad and a hole for a pen.

Vases Texturés’ in porcelain by Guillaume Delvigne and Ionna Vautrin