Random pics

Instagram repeat. Thank you Doreen for spring in our living room.

Exchanging chocolate bunnies and enjoying sun at the river side.

Waited for me in the office.

Traveled recently a lot, but no person-free pics to put here. Little bimbo is so sad, still searching for her companion. Only, he will never come again. She is hardly eating and is crying 24/7, I am so tired from all the work, almost no sleep and dealing with my own sorrow. I still visit every day the place where my beloved cat sleeps his last sleep. Little bimbo goes crazy every single night, trying to break out of the apartment – literally – and get his companion back. She never did this before. Afterwards she sits next to his toy and cries. I cry with her. Long story short – we are soon adopting a feral, stray young cat. Fingers crossed that everythign works fine. Or at least doesn’t end in a disaster.