Marble Towel Holder by APARENTMENT
Marble is a material with manifold associations—elegant Ancient Greek sculptures, opulent floor coverings, or an emblem of purity. Putting an irreverent twist on traditional ideas, the Marblelous Collection by Barcelona-based label APARENTMENT takes Italian Carrara marble and creates a range of objects playing with marble’s weighty image. The Towel Holder in marble and fine brass is a stable bathroom companion. Clever design, a sleek look, and airy simplicity make the Marblelous Towel Holder a pure joy to behold and use.

Marble Coffee Table by APARENTMENT
The low Coffee Table in marble and blue-painted iron is a stable companions for cups of coffee, magazines, or ancient treasures. Clever design, a sleek look, and airy simplicity make the Marblelous Coffee Table a pure joy to behold and use.

Marble Wine Bottle Holder by APARENTMENT
The solid Wine-Bottle Holder holds your vino at the ready for those days when Bacchean tendencies can be indulged. Clever design, a sleek look, and fundamental simplicity make the Marblelous Wine Holder a pure joy to behold and use.

Hex Marble Lamp by APARENTMENT heart
The Hex Lamp with red cable adds some brightness to those days when the cursed darkness is upon us. Clever design, a sleek look, and stripped-back simplicity make the Hex a pure joy to behold and use.

Marble Mirror by APARENTMENT heart
The solid brass-backed Mirror stands on a marble base, ready to be placed horizontally or vertically, whichever best suits your grooming needs.

Eco-Friendly Furnishings by Maze Interior
Nature in all its splendour is the greatest inspiration in history. It should be only logical to feel driven to protect it. Founded in 2003, Swedish label Maze Interior designs nature-inspired homewares while never losing sight of the wellbeing of the environment—only working with local manufacturers, packaging its products in recycled materials, never sourcing wood from endangered forests, and refusing to transport its products in aircraft. The collection of minimalist shelves and side tables by Olof Kolte and Louise Hederström demonstrates why Maze Interior is not only commendable for its ethical stance, but also its top design aesthetics—inspiring storage solutions everywhere.

Side Table by Maze Interior
The practical Minnie Mae Paper Side Table, created in collaboration with Louise Hederström, exudes minimalist style where ever you stand it. With recycled packaging, eco-friendly transport systems, and other methods of ecological commitment, we can keep a clean conscience when it comes to these top Swedish designs.

Double Shelf by Maze Interior
The practical Double Shelf, created in collaboration with sustainable-design expert Olof Kolte, exudes minimalist style.

Don’t Leave Me DLM side table by HAYheart