Joseph Joseph bread bin

Alessi ASG117 Josephine Banana timer

Jenaer Glas tea pot, EDITION WAGENFELD

The Faro Mug designed by Kosei Shirotani for Kinto is an elegant solution for those who find it wasteful to put on a whole pot of coffee for just a single serving. This personal-sized drip coffee maker will make a single cup of perfectly brewed java without any excess waste or unnecessary flash. Its name, “Faro,” is the Italian word for lighthouse, an obvious reference to its silhouette. It is a modular system made of fine porcelain; the detachable filter fits a small coffee pot, a mug, or a cup. If you are on the go, use the cup with a small handle, it has a double wall design that keeps the coffee hot, while still remaining cool on the outside. With the convenient lid, you can take a fresh pot of coffee anywhere with the Faro Mug.

Loop Table Lamp Black Circle

Yupik lamp, design 2013 by Form Us With Love for Fontana Arte

Claude Saos. La Lampada

Lucky, a minimalist modern highchair by Puusepänliike Hannes, Finland


Steamer Ding, Office for Product Design, Nicol Boyd und Tomas Rosén

Office for Product Design
Dual is a serving tray with two distinct characters. It is crafted from an oak veneered moulded plywood frame in which a double sided laminate board is suspended – one side glossy white and the other matte black. Beyond the obvious colour contrast and the functional requirements for carrying, ‘Dual’ can also be seen as a presentation platform. The frame and slightly elevated horizontal plane gives the tray an almost plinth like quality which helps to subtly formalise whatever is placed upon it.