Eva Solo lunch box

Water Bottle by Eva Solo Collection – Dot & Bo heart

Stacked is a modular shelving system designed by JDS Architects for Muuto.

Iittala – Lempi heart
The universal drinking glass that’s made for any occasion, informal or spectacular. It’s stackable, making it the ultimate space-saver. A soft shape, combined with a clarity in form, gives Lempi glass a straightforward look and feel. It feels natural on your breakfast table, on your desk at the office or even as an alternative to your usual wine glass at a party.
Designers: Matti Klenell




Vacavaliente’s Leather Cat Desk Caddy
What if you love cats, helping out the environment, and being organized? Where are your cat products? Here’s one: Vacavaliente makes its desk caddy numerous animal shapes, and one of them is a cat. Available in black or blue, the kitty desk caddy is a feline-tastic way to organize your desktop — which, considering how cats love to knock things off any elevated surface, may be a hopeless crusade … but at least your items will look nice for the time they’re there. The caddies are constructed from leather scraps that would otherwise be cast away in some poisonous landfill. So maybe attempts to organize a cat household are in vain, but helping the environment certainly isn’t.
Their use isn’t limited to your desk. According to Vacavaliente, their design aims to encourage participation with its users, who ultimately decide how the piece will function. In addition to pens, pencils, and scissors, these gatos can also hold tiny test tubes, cotton swabs, paintbrushes, Pixy Stix, birthday candles, or miniature magic wands.

Funnel Friends, design: Roger Arquer Industrial Design for Royal VKB

Dyson dc45

Shot Flask is world’s first drinking flask with a collapsible shot glass built-in


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