Eva Solo lunch box

Water Bottle by Eva Solo Collection – Dot & Bo heart

Stacked is a modular shelving system designed by JDS Architects for Muuto.

Iittala – Lempi heart
The universal drinking glass that’s made for any occasion, informal or spectacular. It’s stackable, making it the ultimate space-saver. A soft shape, combined with a clarity in form, gives Lempi glass a straightforward look and feel. It feels natural on your breakfast table, on your desk at the office or even as an alternative to your usual wine glass at a party.
Designers: Matti Klenell




Vacavaliente’s Leather Cat Desk Caddy
What if you love cats, helping out the environment, and being organized? Where are your cat products? Here’s one: Vacavaliente makes its desk caddy numerous animal shapes, and one of them is a cat. Available in black or blue, the kitty desk caddy is a feline-tastic way to organize your desktop — which, considering how cats love to knock things off any elevated surface, may be a hopeless crusade … but at least your items will look nice for the time they’re there. The caddies are constructed from leather scraps that would otherwise be cast away in some poisonous landfill. So maybe attempts to organize a cat household are in vain, but helping the environment certainly isn’t.
Their use isn’t limited to your desk. According to Vacavaliente, their design aims to encourage participation with its users, who ultimately decide how the piece will function. In addition to pens, pencils, and scissors, these gatos can also hold tiny test tubes, cotton swabs, paintbrushes, Pixy Stix, birthday candles, or miniature magic wands.

Funnel Friends, design: Roger Arquer Industrial Design for Royal VKB

Dyson dc45

Shot Flask is world’s first drinking flask with a collapsible shot glass built-in


Crazy about cats part 2

First part here

I would write more but we are kind of busy knowing our Barica better and better over the weekend. Barica is this little cutie. Next time more about our new dearest gang member.

We all eat pizza and sit in the living room watching movie. My cat wants some pizza too. Regular way won’t work.
So he takes a short detour and crawls from behind the sofa, and every time I turn around he’s doing like he is deeply concentrated examining something invisible on the wall. It is still not working, so he crawls under the blanket which is always there because of the cat hair. Giant male cat of 10 kg tries to be invisible under the blanket.
He is hardly succeeding and I start to laugh. So hard that I drop a piece of pizza on the floor. The piece he will eventually get. Educational message of this action – zero points. He has now learned that his method – howsoever – works. The funny part was that he always answers when being called. So I called – piggy, piggy say hi –  and he forgot that he is actually hiding and answered under the blanket.
Moj tupko. Now if he wants something yummy he crawls under any blanket and waits. According to him this is all what this methods requires.

Both of them are still playful after all those years. Because we play every day. I am not a morning person, I am dead grumpy person in the morning. Everybody who dares to speak to me before my first coffee regret it immediately. Yes, that charming I am before ten in the morning. But. I get up 20 minutes earlier then I have to – to play with my cats. They all find it unfair not being alowed to talk to me at all and at the same time I am all honeyed, perky and in my la la pinky winky state of mind. But playful, yes.  Like tonight, me changing the bedsheets, alone. When suddenly, out of nothing comes the cat – no not coming, she is beamed via time machine obviously – throws herself on the bed blabbering and cuddling and rolling to the left and right. Happy cat. And I was sitting there in my underwear for like 20 minutes and waited. Because she has crazy sparkle look in her eyes, nr. 14.

And my daily dose of pure joy! How cute is this?

Maru 1

Maru 2

Maru 3

Maru 4

When I am finally home at the end of the day, they both have to tell me so much, hard office day you know and so on…with mrrrrr mrrrr and severe attempts to push themselfs into my body, inside my body…when this fails, then licking my ear or nose will do it also.

If I by mistake close the bathroom door before they are in, they will jump and turn off the bathroom lights. Because it worked several times. And it worked quite well. I would come out, yelling and would turn the lights again on, in the meantime they would walk in the bathroom. Mission accomplished!

I thought I was the only one doing this. And couple of other similar wierdo things when I am away from my cats. Like singing their names on my answering machine. Or sending messages to our printer with hi there and meow meow cuddle cuddle. Once my boss saw what I am doing and asked later if I am unter lot of stress lately . But they really love this whole printer thing.

Every day – at the same time – she waits for him… He comes… and they go for a walk

Teeth, because we love to look at his super cute teeth many times a day! When friends come over they all admire and count the teeth, it is our wierdo routine.

The tomcat awakes by his snoring and looks angrily around him like who the hell woke him up?! Little bimbo stretches like a chewing gum on the sun, because it is warm and nice under my blanket. And then she lickes me couple of times hugging my ankle at the same time and continues to sleep after a loud and happy sigh . Editor’s note: jer nije lako izdrzati toliko srecice i ususkanosti.

Next time we will chat about Barica. If Barica survives our gang.