Neighbors from hell

In our peaceful hood. The came without warning and changed everything. This asocial idiots.

Drinking every weekend, even during their kids are still up, preschool kids. Renovating freshly renovated apartment on Sunday. Or on Saturday at ten in the evening, although they are home around the clock. Dog pissing on the balcony, because they never walk this poor thing!!! Why the hell do you have a pet at all, if you don’t give a damn?
They didn’t bring that fucking poor dog out for 6 months! Neither did they the kids.

We have many parks and swimmingpools around the corner, but kids are kept inside from summer until now and sure they go wild. I was so stupid that I even baked a cake when they moved in, that was before I knew what kind of bastards they are. I simply assumed they will be normal and nice like everybody else in our house. Animal shelter and the youth welfare office and police coming all the time, because no, if you are not capable to live in a buidling go in the woods.
You will fit just fine there.
They all sleep during the day and start going crazy in the afternoon and way past midnight. What reminds me, all persons I despise have similar life style. Not working, living at the expenses of others, sleeping during the day and spreading their shit during the night.
Poor dog howls all day long. Kids screem and bang with the chairs on each others heads and drunk mama opens the door.
I need my peace and scilence. That’s why I rent in an expensive part of the city. Because no guy reparing a car under your balcony, no loud music from the apartment next to yours, no all that annoying shit which you have in a cheap part of the town. Your rent is cheep there, but your peace of mind is gone, sold cheaply.

I don’t disturb anybody. NEVER EVER in my whole life and all the placed I have lived in, somebody complained about me. Because I would be deeply ashamed if somebody did. I don’t want to disturb my neighbors. I don’t want to be disturbed by any of them.
It’s plain rude and antisocial.
A huge group of people living on one spot can have a pleasant coexistence ONLY if they all stick to the rules.
And realize that their freedom is limited by the freedom of others. Hi to Rousseau.
The noise IS an environmental pollution. Officially. Together with exhaust fumes and other nice things.
If somebody wants to be an asshole, let it be. In the woods.
I have a great need for silence.
That’s why I moved into a VERY quiet and peaceful house in a very quiet neighborhood.
And I will not allow that a couple of newcomer assholes take this away.
I also dislike people who are not able to speak in a normal voice. But shout. Rednecks.
Probably habits brought with them when they left their jerkwater towns.
Even some parts of the former Yugoslavia are leading in this yelling mentality. Why are you yelling? Why Why? Why?!?!?!

So the neighbours from hell don’t work and live from welfare and can afford to be loud the whole night. I can’t. I have to be fit and happy in the morning, or at least be able to leave such an impression. So that I can earn some money and pay may taxes. And also to provide for such parasites.
If you already don’t work and you are young and healthy and not ashamed to refuse jobs, you should at least let those people sleep who actually do pay for your living.
Then the said family claimed that I am lying and making things up. O.k.
I decided to play their game.
Because that kind of creatures you can not defeat with being nice, polite and hoping that they will eventually stop. Because they probably won’t. The are so fucked up that they will understand you only if you speak their language.
Polite and nice is what they can not and therefore don’t understand.

O.k. their game. One week later 8 other families signed that we want them out and that ASAP. Because it was OUR beloved, quiet hood until they came and brought in their redneck style. I organized everything. What remineds me of  beloved poem, the one always being displayed in my office and unfortunately needed daily…

…because all of them were disturbed with this all the time, and at the same time nobody did anything about it!

Shortly after they received immediate termination of the rental agreement. Sure they didn’t move out. In summary proceedings we went to the court and what is now following is an eviction. In the next weeks.
I am grateful for our laws, fast courts and the voice of sanity. And feel already so sorry for the people that will get them as their new neighbors. My friends kept us telling, bear with them, you won’t achieve anything anyway…well, they are still terrorized with their neighbors. Their decision.
And now, yes now, they wants to talk. When the shit hit the fan. We wanted to work things out for months, we wanted to talk for months, they laughed. We don’t talk any more.
Except maybe to the police moving them out to say – thank you.