La Lampe-Gras 205

legno vivo riva 1920

Design House Stockholm Lotus Hurricane Lanterns

The Peek Lamp by Jonas Wagell


Balconismo Michael Hilgers
Hangs without metal hooks securely to balcony railing

Steckling heart

Clipshelf is a wonderful desing by Michael Hilgers, your regular shelves or cabinets will become so much more interesting with it.

R2 chair. A chair created by the South Korean designers of the studio Bequa. heart

Hay sofa

Capsule by BequaheartAt first glance, this sink set includes three lovely, muted bathroom essentials. Wipe those bleary eyes and look again. Each one looks exactly like a pill capsule that could obliterate even the most monstrous hangov—sorry, sinus headache. Consider it a cure for the unkempt restroom. The Capsule Collection includes a Toilet Brush, Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder, Tumbler and a Soap Dish.

Urbanature. Designer Jörg Brachmann. Vertical Greening