Some surprises are not nice. My current was beautiful!

My mom visited me after some months, just sat in the car with her best friends and drove those 12+ hours to me. Packed with home made cookies, jam, ajvar, home made ham…between two jobs I have only this week free and she decided to use it to prepare mountains of plum dumplings and other home made meals for a freezer, to clean already clean home and to sew something cool with her sewing machine. I love both of them to peaces and have my own dinner surprise for them, nice place not far away from here where we will all be served and pampered.
The cats are happy, I am happy and our kitchen smells divine! They came very same moment as I finished my dinner, perfect to me but not a proper meal for a croatian woman born 50-60 years ago. Avocado, carrots, olives, goat cheese, paprika, shallots and king prawns dipped in home made pesto with a base for a salad made of crispy fried spicy polenta cubes.

I love salads like this. I would probably also add on the top of everything some prsut since I LOVE LOVE good prsut and eat it almost every day. Yes it costs a fortune, but I save somewhere else. As long as I can I will spend a lot for a great food. But vegetarian by my side would not be happy with it, so this time prsut-free meal.

Anyhow mom’s food here I come!


Bamboo Laundry Single Hamper, West Elm

Menu Stitches Jug by Gry Fager
Cross-stitching is a big part of the Danish handicraft tradition, and something closely tied to the family. Most of us learned from our unbelievably patient grandmothers – or our even more patient home craft teachers who got the questionable joy of teaching 30 kids at a time. But they did. And they made sure we followed the right patterns and tucked the thread neatly on the backside.
Cross-stitching is something you do to let your mind wander, to let go of thoughts about work and busy times, and to just be right where you are. And we think this is what the world needs right now, a little collective step on the brakes. Some time to think, breathe and evaluate how we want to live our lives.


Pizza Wheel from Normann Copenhagen heart
The Italian designer Alessandro Busana has designed a multi-functional Pizza Wheel, with a built-in bottle opener in the handle. Alessandro Busana’s designs are often characterized by their rounded style and friendly mode of expression and the Pizza Wheel is no exception. Alessandro Busana explains: ”Maybe it’s because I’m Italian, but when I think of an informal dinner with friends or family, a pizza with a cold beer or soft drink are almost a ritual. This observation quickly led me to the idea of having a bottle opener and cutting function in one and the same product. This means that you only have to remember to take one item with you to the dining table. This practical aspect is one of the reasons I really like to design objects that are multi-functional.”

Flyswatter from Normann Copenhagen

Moomin Edition from Alvar Aalto


Carry on from Matthias Stenberg, the name says it all heart