Colour makes and moulds our moods every single day—which makes it important that the place we call home is precisely the right hue. An expert in the field of aesthetic colour theory, art historian Anna von Mangoldt has created a thoroughly composed and exacting collection of low odour, eco-friendly, water-based paint to bring new life to walls and furniture. A perfect set to get you going, the Starter Kit includes a pot of grey Gustav 62 paint, a pot of light grey Architect’s Delight paint, furniture wax, sandpaper, a handy manual, and, of course, a paint brush—the complete palette for a fresh interior.


Berlin from A to Z by TYPE HYPE
Letters form the elementary basis of all written communication—they fascinate and connect, inspire and deliver. Bringing the characters to a glorious large format, Berlin-based design studio TYPE HYPE prints typographic posters with an interdisciplinary outlook. Nestled in the centre of the city on Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse, the label puts itself in a rather interactive, and tasty, environment: it accompanies its charmingly industrial aesthetics with an in-house milk bar, offering a range of fine specialities including fresh milk from Brandenburg. Multiple awards as agency of the year can’t be wrong: TYPE HYPE masters its work from A to Z.


Lapalma Cut Swivel Chair heart



Lapalma Cut Swivel Chair with Wheels
Designer: Francesco Rota


Entrance mailbox by Authentics heart

Jump Lamp by Claude Saos