A Modern Take on Classic Glassware by Ichendorf
Combining seeming opposites is an art that not many have mastered—but Milan-based label Ichendorf does it with enviable ease. The collection in collaboration with international design studio Mist-o fuses solid, tried-and-tested production methods with the inventive ideas of the ambitious creative minds. Plain, but not simple, and drawing on the past, but not old-fashioned, the TEQUILA SUNRISE and TOKIO ranges of glassware are the perfect fusion of consistency and progress.

Sunrise Bottle
The TEQUILA SUNRISE glassware collection designed for the label by Mist-o, an international design studio established in 2010 by designers Noa Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani, is an expression of this blend of old and new: each borosilicate glass piece is formed and fired by hand, with simple shapes that are eminently contemporary—an evolution that both makes use of and furthers tradition.

Tokio Greenhouse

Round Tray – Ø 30 cmby Better Mix Design Studio heart
South Korean label Better Mix Design Studio bring some expressive playfulness to pared-down style. The label’s Round Tray is not only a beacon of straightforward style, but also the product of exacting making processes. Hand cast using eco-friendly, toxin-free cement and designed with a sleek shape, this little piece is as kind to the environment as it is on your eyes. Suitable for stationery, coins, or other household odds and ends, this tray is both functional and perfect for adding a spot of warmth to a minimalist space.

The Goodwell Company
How many old toothbrushes linger in landfill? There must be some pretty enormous heaps, given that we use about 300 toothbrushes in a lifetime if we change them every month as dentists recommend. Tackling the problem of plastic waste, Patrick Triato and Aaron Feiger of US label The Goodwell Company decided to create a sustainable alternative: an ever-lasting aluminium handle that can be used with various oral hygiene attachments, each made from biodegradable bamboo so they can be disposed of without harm to the environment. Good for the planet and very good for your mouth.

editor’s note: I, for my part, have to say that I’ve fallen in love with muji toothbrush and was disappointed of how bad quality it is. I use for years electric toothbrush. The last decided to die in the middle of the night. It just started turning on and off and making horrible sound, ten times louder then ever before. We run out of the bedroom not knowing what the hell this is. Cats run out of their beds, shocked. When I finally realized what it was, I tried to turn this diabolic thing off. No chance. No removable batteries. In my pyjamas anfd in the middle of the night I went to the trash container next to our house and threw it into the garbage bin…it still buzzed through the night. I can imagine the feeling of some random person walking by just a couple of moments later staring at buzzing garbage container. Four hours later it still buzzed. Google informed me that it was the common way how this particular brush dies. So I bought another brand.

Having said that, I am a big fan of electric toothbrushes and since I use them I didn’t have even one tiniest tooth decay. heart

Fuji Instax Mini


olympus e-p3 camera leather case

designer Kim Seongjin – Homage to Dieter Rams heart

Desk Organiser by Golden Biscotti

Who ever said that items made for everyday use had to be boring? Small Swiss label Golden Biscotti is out to prove that even the most workaday products can be given a place of high esteem in our daily routines. Crafted in Switzerland, the versatile Desk Organiser in birch plywood is designed to cheerfully reduce desktop chaos with its geometric dividers, making sure we always know where to find pens, pencils, rulers, and scissors—or whatever tools we need for the job.

Brass Wall Hook by Golden Biscotti, 12 eur heart
Handcrafted in Switzerland, the brass Wall Hook is a refined and useful holder that gracefully carries tea towels, bath robes, and jackets to show how even the smallest detail can make the biggest impact—Swiss design that is bound to make the everyday, well, exceptional.

Design Goat table by Allan Nøddebo

Cirkel lamp TC6 Table Lamp by Aldo van den Nieuwelaar