Brass Clothing Hangers by Carl Aubock

Prepara Ice Pods
The coolest way to make ice balls
Iced, orbed greatness comes as a pack of ten. Fill with juice, lemon or lime segments, mint leaves, basil, berries and more. Won’t spill during your trek from the sink to the freezer. Makes use of unused freezer space.
Larger ice means drinks stay cooler longer – won’t melt as fast!
Because they are sealed, ice won’t smell like leftover food in your refrigerator
Can be used in pitchers, cocktails, punch bowls and tumblers.

Animal Farm by Michael Landes

Lean On Wardrobe von roomsafari
The Lean On Wardrobe by Berlin label roomsafari, with a minimalist approach that lets you change your surroundings depending on your needs: the wardrobe leans sturdily against the wall to hold coats, dresses, pants and shirts along the walnut rod, no mounting required. Add more weight, and the Lean On responds by becoming more stable. Some may call it physics, but the wardrobe is there to support you no matter how heavy the load. And it even anticipates your next steps: the two magnet ends on the hanging rod are designed to keep your keys in one convenient place.

Norm kettle by Menu

Norm termo jug by Menu


Stelton bottle opener

Trio side table by Pulpo

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