VIIKARI sculptural ceiling light

Petrus Palmér Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren of Swedish studio Form Us With Love created the Cord Lamp for the brand Design House Stockholm

LIGHTHOUSE by Dan Yeffet
LIGHTHOUSE is a Floor/table light inspired by the renowned ‘pile up’ game.
Constructed by individual glass units that are toped over each other to create a glass structure and define the size and colour combination of the object.
The light is made solely out of hand-blown glass challenging and testing the structural integrity of the material while preserving its wonderful transparency and lightness.


Sedia Piana Alessi

Novoform IQlight Mikado

I wish you all a lot of fun in the longest night of the year! Good food, good company and enough booze for the night! I am now baking a second dish – the first one, the same – had small overheating accident. Hm, yes.

And about my tonight’s outfit:

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