Merry Christmas!

Are you alive? Or rather in a food coma???

After spending a week in a kitchen and baking batch after batch of cookies – most of them as a give away or for exchange with friends, after making a Christmas Eve dinner – Bree Van de Kamp hide yourself – and some decadent rich Christmas breakfast – like these cheese buns – I need some time off. Food off, drinks off, communication off.

Snow balls, huge things filled with coconut cream.

This is for sure not the nicest Christmas paper star ever, but it is my DIY – the paper part – and that’s why it is the nicest! I almost burned the apartment with the first version of it. We smelled the smoke the whole day.
The good news is we stopped to cough after two hours! Or so.
Anyway, I was getting evil looks the rest of the day. After I found out what was the mistake – the size was to small and the bulb directly on the paper, I made another one. No smoke until now!

Most of the windows are decorated with simple small LED-lights, apartment door is decorated too, with a simple white snowflake and fuchsia ribbon. The LED-christmas lights were constantly falling down. Nail in the wall, looks great. As I left the room I heard them crashing down.

O.k., second attempt. Nice wrapping tape – white one from one wall to another, this time the nail held, but the fabric tape torn apart. I remained calm.

Yes, I wish so!
After some Cider and then some more I decided that those MFs (would write the complete word but it is a Christmas post after all!) will shine – at all costs! Last attempt was to use the bedroom curtian, the only one I have. I turned the lights on and – nada. Nada. I remained calm again.

I went for a shower and to put something more Christmas-ish on and as I returned the light were on!
Small Christmas magic.

Hot chocolate, add rum. Drink twice an hour. Or so.

I catsitt many cats at the moment. It is returning a favour I  received more than once from same persons. And I love cats. You can never have a cat cuddle overdose! Never ever!

We also have a dog with us for the next 3 days. Our tree didn’t survive that much traffic. I expected, that the dog would chase the cats – the dog has around 60 kg and looks dangerous – but no, my little chick with her 3,5 kg chased him!!! Yes, she is THAT crazy. He only needs to open his mouth and she’s gone. But he doesn’t.
Because he is super sweet and cuddly angel and little bimbo has recognized this immediately! So when she is not chasing him, making him feel not welcome here or stealing his toys she – that cheeky are only the cats – sleeps on him!
He was so desperate that after the last walk he didn’t want to come in. I can not carry a dog which is that heavy. So I tried with snacks, ham, pulling the leash, begging and was amusing my neighbours for half an hour. Then I called a friend and let her speak via loudspeaker on the phone. Poor dog ran immediately inside and started searching. Now he is snoring under my bed and we have cease-fire. And after all, the little tree in the bedroom has survived.

And animals are actually the best part of the holidays. Take, for example, Abu.

Abu, a tomcat in love with me. And I with him.
He loves me more then my cat loves me and more then he loves his owner. Crazy. He will clean only me, for more then half an hour. Since it was unbelievable we made a video, available on instagram. He calls me to come to the bedroom to cuddle with him there . Real guy. And when I start to make myself ready to go home, he will jump on my jacket, giving me evil looks if I try to take it anyway. In former life we were for sure a couple!