Crazy about cats

A lot. They turned my life upside down from the very first moment.
I could not decide freely about my time any more, could not spontaneously spend the weekend somewhere else as I used to. Everything has to be planned and organized.
But love and laughter that I get in exchange every day I would never want to miss again in my life! I adore to spend my time with them. They feel my joy and my pain and share them with me. Make me laugh a hundred times a day. Horror me with catching a squirrel on the balcony despite the safety net. Squirrel cries, I cry, cats cry because I finish the circus, run with a shoe box to the vet and this is just a regular morning at our casa.
Both of them are offended for whole two days and give me occasionally those evil – kiss-my-ass – looks.
And that’s why I love them.

Divine and proud and majestic and elegant and sassy.

I recently got some flowers and realized my tomcat is totally crazy about one specific flower, so I went to the flower store and bough a bunch of that one. The girl working there wondered if this bouquet is strangely unique. I said yes, for unique cat unique flowers.

At the butcher’s shop I would occasionally buy something they adore. It is free range butcher’s shop. There were times my cats ate way better they me.

One and only – Maru.

According to their face expression (yes, we won’t question that here!) I know exactly what they want. When coming to guys and dating, my male cat NEVER ever made wrong judgment.
I did. More then once.
Next guy needs to be cat proof.

Recent distressing moment. As I was sending some videos of my beloved bumblebee cat to Hannah, she stated that he has too nipples. I corrected her that this might look like he has two of them, because of the light and that it is just his pinkish skin stretching under his bumblebee size. I mean, I have to know, after all I have him for many years.
Then some time later, late evening, we cuddle big time. And…I realize he has two nippeles!!!!
As we got a littel chick lady she used to suck his nipple as he would allowed her to. Only one.
She used only one. I am not now sure that it was always the same one. Khm, yes.
Well, I will not get less embarrassed later, so I just sent an email right away informing her what did I find.
Do I have to mention that we cuddle every day extensively and I don’t have a clue how could I miss this f. nipple all that time.
I guess I was counting his teeth most of the time, we do this when friends come over and get that crazy sparkle look in our eyes.

She is not allowed to go on the table, so she takes her tin foil ball and jumps to the window sill and from there – Ronaldo please hide – shoots it directly on my keyboard. And waits. I could swear she has raised an eyebrow. The queen.

Or. I was going to brush the lady boss. You can not mess around with THIS cat. She sees me with the corner of her eye an in one millisecond, closes her eyes and lies down on the pillow and sleeps soundly !1!! I am determined to do it anyway, laughing so much that my stomach hurts. I try to lift her and fail big time. Her body is dead asleep. Who ever aroused sleepy cat will know. With the belly glued to the sofa, I shook her, tickled her paws – nothing. Nada. Nobody home. More luck next time.

 I’m leaving the room, in that very moment her left eye half openes and I could bet she hat that satisfied, relaxed smile smile in the corner of her sassy lips. The tomcat is not so clever so he didn’t excape. Next time our pizza for everybody story.

 We will have a real zoo here during the holidays, please pray for us, for the Christmas tree and then again for the Christmas tree …. that should be enough.