Alpha Table Lamp by LJ Lamps. Cat proof! 75 eur. My last table lamp – RIP – was that for sure not.
When the studio is at home, the design that results is uniquely fit to bring light into private spaces. Frank Lenhart and Sascha Janowsky’s home décor designs are tested in their own apartment, giving their label LJ Lamps a leg up on how a piece can bring life into the room. The label’s luminescent creations include the Alpha Table Lamp—an intriguing concrete design with a felt surface on the bottom to prevent scratching and a textile cable. The modern piece was made by hand with precision and dedication, resulting in a unique luminary that shines a light on the fine pores of its stylish industrial material.

No, not a broken version of the first one.

Xmas Tree by Lovi, different colours.
Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition and a pleasure—one that’s made even more exciting when you use an original alternative to tacky plastic trees or everygreens that drop their needles as quickly as you can say ‘eggnog’. The plywood Christmas Trees designed by Anne Paso for Finnish label Lovi are ready to be put together and artfully decorated by ambitious crafters without the need for tools or glue.

Large Serving Bowl by Magisso
Problems in the kitchen? Magisso understands. The Finnish label is on a mission to help you out with a clever range of user-friendly, stylish products that have been born of actual need—not what some marketing department dictates. Though Finland isn’t famed for its warm weather, the Finns still have the problem of food and drinks warming up too fast once they’re out of the fridge. Never fear, Magisso has a solution. After a short soak in cold water, this cooling ceramic Serving Bowl will keep its contents naturally cool for 2 to 4 hours. And can you chalk up your very own doodle on the outside. What more could you want?

Curved Dishcloth Holder by Magisso
The issue of where to store the damp dishcloth is even more annoying than the one about where to store the soggy sponge. Designed by Miika Mansikkamaa, this stainless steel, magnet-powered holder allows you to keep the offending object within easy reach while keeping things easier on the eyes.

Sponge Holder by Magisso

Cake Server by Magisso
Designed by Maria Kivijärvi and winner of a Red Dot Design Award, Magisso’s most renowned product is a wonder for anyone whose slice of cake always lands in a messy heap. With a gentle squeeze and lift of this stainless-steel server, your piece of cake will be evenly sized and upright every time—effortlessly avoiding those pesky arguments over the biggest portion.

No more fumbling around with a fork like you’re in a bad infomercial while trying to get a piece of cake, the Magisso cake server lets you easily slice a triangle shaped slice out of a cake and place it nicely onto a plate. Simply slice it by pushing down from the top of the cake, squeeze ever so slightly and transfer the cake to a plate with ease. Made of food safe plastic, is dishwasher safe, and comes in a plethora of colors for your choosing.


Ceramic Ice Bucket by Magisso

Sake Set by Magisso
After a short soak in cold water, this cooling ceramic Sake Set will keep the beverage inside naturally cool for 2 to 4 hours.


Tea Ball by Magisso
Looking for a small christmas gift what is something else than shower gel and body milk from the supermarket iaround the corner?

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