Artisanal Bathroom Accessories by Iris Hantverk The loo: not a place often thought of as having creative potential. Heritage label Iris Hantverk has turned that concept on its head with its stylishly sleek bathroom accessories and gentle hand soaps. Miles away from the cheap plastic that litters most bathrooms, the label’s creations use all-natural bristles and hardwoods in conjunction with concrete to add a contemporary touch to traditional objects. Produced by Iris Hantverk’s team of visually impaired artisans in Sweden and Estonia, the wide range of brushes and sets for personal hygiene and housework combine modern style and a hint of nostalgia to turn any activity into a beloved ritual.

Atlantis Yacht Cushion by bermuda Soft, welcoming, and bold—cushions are one home accessory it’s possible to have fun with while staying on the right side of stylish. Designer Meike Legler trained as a fashion designer and worked in New York and Berlin before her attention turned to textiles for the home. Formed in early 2014, Legler’s label bermuda creates vibrant cushions, hand-sewn in Berlin from Italian cotton, itself made of recycled yarns. Backed by a coconut-wood button and combining a veritable rainbow of playful but demure shades, bermuda’s cushions are a convivial accent for any chic space.

Walnut Wood Headphones by Grain Audio Grain’s Over-Ear Headphones: a pared-down mix of solid walnut and space-age plastics, the OEHP’s slick aesthetics, designed for hours of comfortable wear, are bettered by crystal clear sound that makes use of its casing. Simple and beautiful, with sound quality that goes above and beyond—it’s a formula that has delighted Wired and The New York Times, and garnered the label a 2014 Red Dot Design Award.

Bistro Knife Block by Bodum

Rex Kralj Rocking chair

Poketo Mori Mini Cups by Masahiro Mori Designed by Japan’s most celebrated 20th-century ceramic designer, Masahiro Mori, these black and white porcelain cups offer a punch of pattern. Feeling stripey? Choose between horizontal and vertical stripes.


Scotch Club 17 by Marset heart