Desk Set by Seletti
Quirky, ironic, and experimental, Seletti has pushed and evolved the aesthetics of the Anti-Design movement since the company was founded in 1964. A creation by Héctor Serrano for Seletti, the City Desk Set stands in set useful structures, ready to house desk clutter and little trinkets with all its urban facility. Made of fine porcelain, the handy set is an elegant design with a sense of humour that will inspire you to happily boast about owning your very own clock tower, even if it miniature size.

Stirring Home Accessories by Nordic Hysteria
The Nordic temperament is known for being a bit cool, cold even by some accounts. Challenging that stereotype, Finnish label Nordic Hysteria designs clean and simple lighting and accessories that fuse together warm raw materials and high-end technology for inviting homes. The launch of its first collection at Helsinki Design Week caused a somewhat out-of-character frenzy. Created by award-winning designer Tapio Anttila, the range makes use of Anttila’s aptitude for working with wood, simple almost ascetic forms, and subtle humour—a beautiful way to defy clichés.

Kieppi Table Lamp
Kieppi Table Lamp in certified sustainable Finnish birch is not only kind to the environment but also to your eyes, avoiding glare with soft LED lighting. For extra flexibility, designer Tapio Anttila includes a touch-sensor for switching the lamp on and off and changing the strength of light. Challenging the norm never looked better.

Riippa and Sippi Hanger and Kiepi Table lamp

Upside Stackable Sidetable by Nordic Hysteria
Bringing together sustainably produced raw materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, Tapio Anttila’s Upside Stackable Sidetable in certified sustainable Finnish birch is not only kind to the environment but also easy on the eyes, with its pared-down aesthetic. Challenging the norm never looked better.

Susan Pestemal by Hamamista – I guess great also as summer plaid. 195 cm long.
A product with more than one role to play: Munich-based label Hamamista is giving traditional Turkish cotton towels called pestemal a new life in contemporary design. Traditionally used as hamam towels, these practical, fast-drying textiles are as stylish as they are versatile, becoming softer with every wash. Whether as a towel by the water or in the bathroom, a shawl, or even a table cloth, the uses for the stylishly versatile Susan Pestemal form a seemingly endless list of aesthetic functionalities.

Pendant by Deparso
Design does not need to be pompous—it’s often the most reduced forms that make the strongest statements. Designed by Deparso’s in-house studio and assembled in Germany, the label’s lighting features a pure, restrained approach to classic illumination. Attached to a retro-inspired cable in a host of different colours, the brass setting pairs perfectly with classic incandescent or low-energy bulb, for unconventional industrial design with a decorative twist.

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