Random life

…and random pics. All of the photos taken with my iphone.

I love hiking. O.k. I also love the after-hiking. Which is; nice, cozy, rustic place to eat and drink. And after walking for 5-6-7 hours you LOVE food. But spending time outside is in any case my battery charger. This september. Beautiful weather. Again – iphone pics.heart

Last year, but still beautiful

Two weeks ago, afternoon walk

¬†Afternoon’s coma. Carbs please intravenously.

But that’s why my lunch was healthy.Farmer’s market and and one and only – the Greeks.heart

Lunch break over. Walking back.




Beautiful! heartBut not practical ta all. Imagine one very fat and one very skinny person sitting next to each other. The skinny one could probably not reach her plate! Or the other one would have to place his belly on the table. But still – beuatiful! And those floors!