Manufactum love.
Worshiping good old craftmanship.
Main focus of the company are household and garden goods made with traditional manufacturing methods (thus “Manufactum”) and materials.

Manufactum catalogs have been enjoying almost cult-like status. Product descriptions are in-depth, sometimes ironic, and in very good language style, for which Manufactum received the 2003 german language award by the Verein Deutsche Sprache, a language preservation society. High end products, sometimes decadent, but always of the best quality.

Its kind of a slow food movement, only for products. An alternative to consumerism and instant society.

Manufactum catalog is something that you can enjoy for weeks, flipping through again and again, enjoying great texts and appreciating this bible of a good taste.

Paper clips with magnet, great way to display art!

Copper-Bookdarts, 50 pcs. 8,50 eur

Bolich lamps, produced by the same workshop as a hundred years ago. Made to last for generations to come.


Anton de Groof Bolt light by Tonone, 7 kg of cast iron. You know, for the case that your mother in law makes you angry…


Ahem, just the right thing for my Insectophobie