German chocolate cake

Since six o’clock in the kitchen making german chocolate cake. For a special american woman, my favourite american one. This cake is traditional american cake and also her favourite, I dont’t even know how it is supposed to taste…

*not mine*

Way back in 1852, Sam German developed a brand of dark chocolate for Baker’s Chocolate Company and the resulting product, Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate, was named in honor of him. Then, in the late 1950’s, the original recipe for “German’s Chocolate Cake”, which used the baking chocolate, was submitted by a homemaker to a local newspaper. It became insanely popular, so much so, that the company that owned Baker’s Chocolate noticed and distributed the recipe to other newspapers across the country. Reportedly, sales of the chocolate increased 73% , and the cake became famous. Here’s hoping that homemaker from Dallas who came up with the recipe got a little piece of the

It is a mystery to me why Americans who always have easy recipes, use baking soda and buttermilk instead of backing powder. Buttermilk since you need something sour with baking soda. Backing powder is ready to use product. In a land of boxed, canned and pulverized food somehow strange custom. Baking soda does have certain advantages, but we won’t go there today.

Cleaning pecans destroyed my nails and nail polish, but I do have now new fancy designer nutcracker. Didn’t need one before because I dont’t like nuts. It is almost too beautiful to use. Heavy duty tool and great also for crabs and lobsters. I buy ready to eat crabs and lobster is not my current price range. But I could also handle lobster with this! I could!
Great addition to my numerous kitchen gadgetry!

Then on my way to her, still warm chocolate-coconut fat-frosting run down my jacket, jeans, bag and shoes. Holly shit! I didn’t realize this until some people started to turn around for me. It was like fuck. Fuck. Double fuck.

First WTF-moment was when I realized how I look. The second WTF-moment was when I came to Sarah. The frosting hat set into a firm, good looking something. But I looked as if five drunken sailors have vomited over me!

Back home and washing my down jacket, washing my suede bag, washing my suede shoes, my jeans and my sweater I was wondering how the hell I managed to do all this?!? Without even noticing it.
And I still smell like giant coconut. Like giant rosted coconut.

After a hell of a week, working, having exams and taking 3000 mg of antibiotics daily one should stay in bed and sleep. This is booked in the cathegory: bijesne gliste.

In the next weeks three more exams to go, expensive one, so I should better pass them. I hate all that ISO norm stuff, swotting up on vocabulary and nummbers drilling.
I really don’t know what I was thinking when I registered for this and insisted to get it paid. Everything is so technical and boring. Maybe it could be an additional argument when negotiating my next salary?
It has to be good for something.