I want this! Want, want, want!!!! Tantrum overolad.

Monthly Beauty Subscription Boxes are very popular and I also receive couple of them. But this????? For every design junkie this is like – heaven!!!

No delivery to Europe. Yet. Let’s bombard them with our whining until they give in.

For 50 bucks per box you will be very happy person!

What kinds of things will be in my Skandicrush box?

If we told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. No risk, no reward. But seriously, there will be home decor items like pillows, vases, trays, candleholders, boxes, blankets, sculptural objects; and kitchenwares like cups, cookware, servingware, tea towels. The total retail value of your Skandicrush box will be between $65 and $80.

Little bonus