Pompaples Tables by Atelier Pfister, 147 eur
Continually evolving itself over more than 130 years to remain at the forefront of Swiss homeware design, Pfister called upon Alfredo Häberli to curate its assorted 2014 Atelier Pfister collection. The set of three Pompaples Tables by Adrien Rovero carry on its tradition of quality craftsmanship and zeitgeist design. Nestled together or optimised individually, the set adds a practical and creative outlook to visionary spaces.

iPad mini Case by Acme Made
The Skinny Book embodies the label’s innovative, distinctively cosmopolitan vision: designed as a dual protective case and three-way stand for iPads, the Book’s unique construction combines a soft-to-the-touch outer with a protective core and elastic closure. Wherever life takes you, the tools of your trade will be safely in hand.

Boone Collection, 10 eur
It takes a lot of smarts to add to the performance of already ingenious Apple products, but sometimes the biggest differences come from the simplest aspects—like the cable. Founded with the idea of improving everyday details, Boone Collection created a range of stylish charging cables for iPhones, iPods, and iPads that avoid tangles due to their nylon coating. The Chaplin cable keeps your lightning connection nice and close and does so in a dapper pattern, bringing a little bit of personality to the ordinary, and a little bit of peace of mind where it’s due.

25 cm, famous nummer among croatian men

100 cm and 13 eur later…

300 cm and 13 eur later…

Normann Copenhagen Pocket Organizer by Simon Legald

Aitio Shelves by Cecilie Manz for Iittala. Normally I don’t like shelvings, but here I could make an exception. Yes, I could!

Pure love! heart

Ultimate Beauty!heart

I adore EVERYTHING HERE. Yes, please! Of each twice!


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