Pompaples Tables by Atelier Pfister, 147 eur
Continually evolving itself over more than 130 years to remain at the forefront of Swiss homeware design, Pfister called upon Alfredo Häberli to curate its assorted 2014 Atelier Pfister collection. The set of three Pompaples Tables by Adrien Rovero carry on its tradition of quality craftsmanship and zeitgeist design. Nestled together or optimised individually, the set adds a practical and creative outlook to visionary spaces.

iPad mini Case by Acme Made
The Skinny Book embodies the label’s innovative, distinctively cosmopolitan vision: designed as a dual protective case and three-way stand for iPads, the Book’s unique construction combines a soft-to-the-touch outer with a protective core and elastic closure. Wherever life takes you, the tools of your trade will be safely in hand.

Boone Collection, 10 eur
It takes a lot of smarts to add to the performance of already ingenious Apple products, but sometimes the biggest differences come from the simplest aspects—like the cable. Founded with the idea of improving everyday details, Boone Collection created a range of stylish charging cables for iPhones, iPods, and iPads that avoid tangles due to their nylon coating. The Chaplin cable keeps your lightning connection nice and close and does so in a dapper pattern, bringing a little bit of personality to the ordinary, and a little bit of peace of mind where it’s due.

25 cm, famous nummer among croatian men

100 cm and 13 eur later…

300 cm and 13 eur later…

Normann Copenhagen Pocket Organizer by Simon Legald

Aitio Shelves by Cecilie Manz for Iittala. Normally I don’t like shelvings, but here I could make an exception. Yes, I could!

Pure love! heart

Ultimate Beauty!heart

I adore EVERYTHING HERE. Yes, please! Of each twice!

About a style

Style I like is clean, decluttered, sleek and light, not only for interiors.
Good bones, lots of daylight, white furniture, practical and timeless. A balcony is a must.
Not much decoration, actually none except many framed wall art and some fresh flowers. No carpets please.
Many books. Many.
Many lamps – ceiling, floor, table, wall etc. Good quality sturdy furniture which will last for years. Grey, white and black.
I can’t stand if something is broken to look at this for weeks. I will call somebody to repair it as soon as possible. It usually doesn’t cost much but it has a huge impact on overall impression about some place. Broken cabinet door or floor tile. No thanks.
I love big windows, light, translucent curtains and white light rooms.
One week after moving in everything was on, even the wall art.
I like farmacy look, the look like nobody is living here.
But somebody lives there, for sure. Tidy people, for example.
Not spending half an hour to make a place to cook a dinner, not searching for a key or mobile phone or not knowing where every single item in that home is.

Farmacy style. People who hate searching and take care to avoid that. I LOVE free surfaces.
Farmacy style-homes are much easier to maintain. Not cluttered surfaces, not cluttered floors, wipe and go. It is a prejudice that homes like that are hard to maintain. Quite the contrary! If you first have to move 2345 items in order to clean your home, then it is not homey – it is cluttered and hard to maintain. It takes time.
Time farmacy people would spend drinking coffee.
When everything has its place, you save lot of time. You save even more if you – after using – return that item to its original place. This is probably the main difference between farmacy and homey style.
Things lying around, abandoned and useless.

Daylight. I would never move in a place with little day light. Or without balcony. Or without bath tube. Or with wall-to- wall carpets or with dark woodwork. And no, good style doesn’t mean to spend bunch of money and buy at once kitchen, living room, bedroom, all in the same shop and to hang wall art which exactly is the same as wall art 234 persons already have at home. This is not style. This is copy cat.

It is really important to be surrounded with nice things. I like that the place which I call home is nice as much as I can afford. Without spending the money that I don’t have. But saving money for something special. I wouldn’t like to spend my time in an ugly interior, I would not like to call THAT home.
But I also like the process, DIY, painting the walls and getting there is equally fun as coming there, sometimes even more.
I feel much much better in a home that I like and that reflects how I am. Then to think 24/7, this is not me, this is not my life, it is only temporary and dear God let it disappear as fast as possible.
Which of course does not mean I have everything set up perfectly. I don’t.
But eventually I will get there. Until then, I enjoy the process.

I had mid century chair when it was stil original to have one and not as a byproduct of a suddenly developed mainstream-style.
If I dislike something a lot it is – trendy behavior. In fashion, interior or food it will be raped shortly but intensively and afterwards it looks just sad. Chewed up and spat out. It makes me happy if I manage to avoid trends. Trends are the greatest evil ever.
Resist the trend and start creating your own unique style.