Flowerbox by FlowerBox
A bit of nature indoors can do wondrous things, including keeping you grounded when you’d rather be outside. FlowerBox’s aim is to bring interior greenery to a new plain: the vertical. Growing vegetation straight out into the room, the label’s ceramic easy-care planters are perfect for those with less-than-green fingers—only requiring watering every 1-2 weeks, due to their special moss, and they are simple to take down, making the infrequent watering easier still. Objects this full of life not only combine art and nature, but add a playful element to any plain old wall.

I may add, also cat proof!

LasKos Pendant Lamp by Kera Interior, 130 eur
The perfect lighting is an art form—it must be developed over time and requires a particular passion for the materiality of illumination. Finnish label Kera Interior has spent more than 40 years honing its skills in acrylic thermoforming. Blending contemporary forms with this specialist material knowledge, the label has emerged as an expert in lighting technology with a gift for interior artistry. Designed by Kristiina Lassus, the LasKos Pendant Lamp lights up the room with flawless minimalism and evolves the timeless elegance of solid colour forms in a manner all its own.

Lisabell Pendant Lamp by Kera Interior, 50 eur! Also in white, green and yellow.
Designed by Elizabeth Salonen, the Lisabell Pendant Lamp lights up the room with flawless minimalism and evolves the timeless elegance of solid colour forms in a manner all its own.

Monopol Pendant Lamp by Kera Interior, 120 eur. Almost like Kartell FLY, only for less pennies. Black or transparent.

Bluetooth Smart LED by Tabü
The ability of light to alter moods should never be underestimated. Adding some user control to your ambience, the colour and brightness of Tabü’s RGB LED lightbulbs are handled via Bluetooth with a smartphone application that can simultaneously manage numerous bulbs. Launched following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the energy-saving Tabü Lümen Bluetooth Smart Bulb features six pre-programmed modes, including party or relaxation, a dimmable function, and the ability to swap between the practical utility of warm white light and 16 million colours. Expect more from lighting and receive it.

Eiffel Wall Lamp by COCO&CO EDITION, 219 eur
Back when minimalism was new on the scene, less is more was a radical statement. It’s an aspiration that still applies, but today’s reduced aesthetics are all grown-up and have a few new demands to match. Bourg-en-Bresse-based label COCO&CO EDITION puts a French touch on stylistic reduction, an approach the Eiffel Wall Lamp exemplifies with every sculptural line. Easily adjusted for hanging height by simply feeding the cable through the 180º pivoting rod, the epoxy-painted steel Eiffel is produced within 50 kilometres of the label’s office to uphold the most important of all new minimalism’s tenets: minimal environmental impact.


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